2 0 1 7 goals.

When I started my blog 4 years ago, I kept a list of goals for the year. In 2013, one of my goals was to run, swim, and bike 2013-miles that year (I think I ended up totaling about 1,100 miles that year, including all my triathlon & marathon training). Crazy to think how skinny I was how much life has changed since then.

Through injuries, heartaches, triumphs, 100s of cups of coffee, losing a childhood friend, celebrating a new degree and traveling 8,000 miles across the Atlantic, in the spirit of keeping myself accountable, I decided to once again post some goals for the upcoming year, freaking 2017.

Physical & Emotional Health

Workout for at least 40 minutes, 4 times a week
Have an hour of mindful quiet time every day
Eat whole foods at least 5 days a week
Organize & Declutter email
Organize & Declutter photo albums on all electronic devices & clouds
Organize & Declutter all documents on all electronic devices & clouds
Keep a list of good things that happen in 2017


South Africa – March 2017
The United States – March 2017
London – April 2017
Etosha National Park – July 2017
Victoria Falls – June 2017
Zanzibar – December 2017
Hike Fish River Canyon – August 2017
Visit all G43 CHHAP volunteers at their site – Visited 2 out of 7


Read for at least an hour a day
Read 30 books by the end of the year
Practice hand-lettering everyday
Finish hand-embroidering holiday tablecloth
Keep a garden alive
Blog at least once a week

Family & Friends

Take more photos and videos
Send postcards to friends at least once a month
Visit a colleague or neighbor once a month
Call home once a week

Peace Corps & Career

Create concise work plan for each quarter
Collaborate once a quarter with other volunteers
Connect with World Wide Schools teacher & students once a month
Decide on grad school – Novemeber 2017
Study for and take GRE (not necessary)

Try New Things!

Go vegetarian for a month – June 2017
Learn to make oshifima and oshikundu
Learn to carry a basket on my head
Learn 10 new Oshikwanyama words or phrases every day
Be selected for Blog it On Home
Purchase a Wambo dress – April 2017