2 0 1 7 goals.

When I started my blog 4 years ago, I keep a list of goals for the year. In 2013, one of my goals was to run, swim, and bike 2013-miles that year (I think I ended up totaling about 1,100 miles that year, including all my triathlon & marathon training). Crazy to think how skinny I was how much life has changed since then. 

Through injuries, heartaches, triumphs, 100s of cups of coffee, losing a childhood friend, celebrating a new degree and traveling 8,000 miles over the Atlantic, in the spirit of keeping myself accountable, I decided to once again post some goals for the upcoming year, freaking 2017. 

Physical & Emotional Health

Workout for at least 40 minutes, 4 times a week
Have an hour of mindful quiet time every day
Eat whole foods at least 5 days a week
Organize & declutter email
Organize & declutter photo albums on all electronic devices & clouds
Organize & declutter all documents on all electronic devices & clouds
Keep a list of good things that happen in 2017


South Africa
The United States
Etosha National Park
Victoria Falls
Hike Fish River Canyon
Visit all G43 CHHAP volunteers at their site


Read for at least an hour a day
Read 30 books by the end of the year
Practice hand-lettering everyday
Finish hand-embroidering holiday tablecloth
Keep a garden alive
Blog at least once a week

Family & Friends

Take more photos and videos
Send postcards to friends at least once a month
Visit a colleagues or neighbor once a month
Call home once a week

Peace Corps & Career

Create concise work plan for each quarter
Collaborate once a quarter with other volunteers
Connect with World Wide Schools teacher & students once a month
Decide on grad school
Study for and take GRE

Try New Things!

Go vegetarian for a month
Learn to make oshifima and oshikundu
Learn to carry a basket on my head
Learn 10 new Oshikwanyama words or phrases everyday
Be selected for Blog it On Home
Purchase a Wambo dress