2006.98 miles to go…

First and foremost, Happy New Year’s everyone!!!

6.02 miles. Wow, what a wonderful way to start off a new year? Didn’t you all start January 2013 in the same manner? I thought so. Being truly motivated to accomplish all, but if not all, I want to accomplish my 2013 goal of running/swimming/biking a total of 2013 miles this year. This means at least 5.51 miles a day, 38.71 miles a week, or 167.75 miles a month, but who’s counting?

Man, I will say:


I have a three-mile route that I usually run. I don’t know about you, but when I have to switch up my route whatsoever, I have a mini panic attack. I don’t do well with change I have determined. This makes it difficult for me to add any variety to my runs. I immediately think of everything that could go wrong. Today, I had to run on very narrow shoulders of Oklahoma’s active-people-unfriendly roads. Okie roads are not okie! I even found myself competing with an older man that happened to be running on my route. He was probably in his mid-50s. I kind of hope to run into him again. It’s on buddy! But, seriously the only thing I could think of was, “I don’t have any identification on me, if something happens I hope they can identify me by my CVS card.”

Maybe some of you already know. But, I haven’t always been a runner. And sometimes I feel guilty even calling myself one. I started running (for recreation and not from something) two years ago this month to be exact. My main reason was to train for a benefit 5K for a dear friend. But, little did I know, I would catch the bug. Hundreds of miles, dozens of tech shirts, and a shelve full of medals later. I think I am hooked. Although, I do go through spurts of laz-i-ness. Having this goal this year, will keep me very motivated. As well as the accountability of sharing this with you all. I don’t have any races on schedule this year, because I plan on relocating later this year. But, with my tentative travel plans, I hope to lace my Nike’s up all over the US and maybe even in Puerto Rico this year.

Happy Running!