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“No one likes hearing stories about things you didn’t do”

This week I have really been challenged to live a story I want to tell. I have been challenged to portray this in my professional, personal, and spiritual life.

Professional: Am I being challenged in my role? Am I happy? What do I want to do? What can I do?

Right now, I am living the “American Dream,” which makes it scary to make big decision because of the uncertainty of the future. I know the people that love and care about me want me to be happy, but sometimes believing that truth is a hard reality to swallow.

Personal: Am I being fulfilled in my relationships? Am I taking care of my health and well-being? Am I growing intellectually? Am I doing this for me?

Recently, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings about my relationships with friends and family. I’ve really been digging deep about the significance of each of my relationships. What are they bringing to the table and what am I bringing in return? Are they balanced? Are they healthy?

This year, I really want to strive even more to take care of myself. Mind and body. If my whole world is out of control, at least I can take care of myself physically and emotionally.

Spiritual: ???

I feel like this is an aspect in my life that will always be maturing. I need to develop spiritual habits that for true and natural for me. I feel like the majority of my life, I have always tried to fit my spiritually in a box. The more and more I grow, I realize that there will never be a box big enough to contain this.
Today, I started a new training program. Currently, I have my eye on two triathlons later this year. One is in July and the other is in September- TWU Power Sprint and the Oklahoma City Redman. In the past, I have “trained” for my races, but only enough to finish the race. I really want to push myself to finish with all I have in me. I have completed enough races just to get a medal, but I think I have enough experience and miles under my feet to take it one step further.


My training plan is a marathon training plan, which will lead up to the OKC Memorial Marathon in April, although, currently I have no plans of running it. I think this plan will help me be more than prepared to tackle the marathon, if I decide to. I like the combination of interval training and cross-training in this plan. This gives me days to swim and cycle.

Week 2 miles:

January 7: 1 mile run, 5 mile bike
January 9: 4 mile run

Finally, I’m over the fatigue of my weekend at home, so time to get to work.

Dad says, “Hi.”


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  1. I LOVE the transparency and honesty you talk about in your blogs. It’s so reassuring knowing someone else has some of the same fears and ambitions. You’re a wonderful inspiration, sister, and I know you’ll do great at whatever goal you head toward…you’re a go-getter! 🙂


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