65 degrees.

Wow. It has been an amazing week. This weekend has been one of the warmest that I can remember in awhile. Which is pretty awesome. A little taste of Spring in the middle of winter.

This week I caught the couponing bug. Although I may not be all that great at it, I was inspired by the audiobook, “How to Shop For Free.” Tons of great ideas, but seriously turns into another job. Spent probably about 4 hours cutting and sorting coupons this week, and while I did save tons of money without buying things I didn’t need. It was a chore. The cashier at the grocery store was even excited for me, even stating, “it’s always nice when you save more than you spend.” I saved 64% at the grocery store! My haul included diced and crushed tomatoes, chicken, pork sausage, paper towels, and Cheerios (actually made 45 cents for buying the cereal). All for $17.73. Saving $28.59. I was pretty proud of myself. But, it was a lot of work. We’ll see how long I’m willing to keep it up. Since I was in my “I can get anything at a good price mood,” I stopped at Panera Bread to claim my free smoothie with my rewards card. I knew better. It was way too sweet and sugary. Ended up giving it to the boyfriend.

I finished out today with a nice threshold run at the lake. It was so nice to see people out and about, even if it’s just for the day. Since it has been pretty cold during the week, I usually do my running on the treadmill, and suck it up on the weekends when I’m not walking distance from my gym. When I do my threshold running on the treadmill, I usually write it down on a Post-it note or index card to carry with me. Today, I got a little creative. Or maybe I just became a normal runner.


Where do you write down your workouts when training outside? Or do you have a better memory than me?

I write it down because I’m more likely to do it. If it’s just in my head, I’ll start negotiating terms with myself. Come on, I’m human!

January 15- 3.00 mile run
January 16- 4.65 mile run
January 17- 1.30 mile run
January 19- 10.02 mile run
January 20- 5.01 mile run

Week 3 total mileage- 23.98 miles

Have a fantastic week!

**Please keep my little brother in your thoughts and prayers.**

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  1. Hey Kristel! I love how you record your run plan!! That is hilarious! I write it in a piece of paper or on my hand. Then lose the paper and sweat the ink off my hand. Your plan looks better!


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