only the beginning

As January winds to a close, some of us are still in limbo of what healthy diet consist of. We have been swarmed by ads since that fruit cake settled in our bellies on December 26th. I’m here to tell you, it’s not too late, nor is it ever too late to change your life. Today is your day!

Here are a few tips to make some healthy changes today.

Enjoy what you eat! Simple enough.
“Humans are the only animals that thinks it’s a good day when you don’t eat”- Vinnie Tortorich

When it comes to diets, we automatically think of everything we can’t eat, which leaves us thinking everything good is off limits. Not true.

Believe it or not, people survived before we knew anything about carbs, protein, fats, and cholesterol. The goal is to eat balanced. Wine and cookies are alright, IN MODERATION, but for your body, which is built to do so many complex things, this should not be your main source of nutrition.

Get real!
You’ve heard it before, READ YOUR LABELS. Don’t believe that since it’s sold in a store, it must be good for you. Stop comparing prices of foods by ounces per dollar. Start comparing foods by nutrients per dollar. Nutrients are the golden ticket to keeping you satisfied for longer. Yeah, those boxes of pizza rolls may serve your whole family for a week, but it may leave them scavenging for a snack 40 minutes after dinner. It cost a little more up front, but you’ll find that you end up eating less, which isn’t a bad trade off for that sexy dress that’s been hanging in your closet since 2007, in my opinion.

Out of the fog!
Seriously, once you begin eating a good balanced diet you will feel like a fog has lifted. You will sleep better, feel more energetic, focus, and you may even notice your skin and hair having an extra special glow. Some people truly describe it as a fog being lifted. And from experience, I definitely can agree.

Don’t worship at the alter of food!
Many people find themselves dropping out of the race right before they hit the first water stop. Remember, any changes you make in life, whether it be career, financial, or relationships are a process. If you have an off day, there is always tomorrow. There will always be birthdays, weddings, and celebrations that arise. Don’t get into the, “but, I’m on a diet mentality.” Food is amoral. It’s not good, it’s not evil. Enjoy a few bites of cake and ice cream guilt-free, but don’t lose all the ground you have gained on one occasion.

There are more important things in life than bogging yourself down over food. Eat to live, don’t live to eat!

Happy New Year! You still have a lifetime ahead of you, stay strong!

Krystal Wright
Former collegiate soccer player. Triathlete. Runner. Weightlifter.

*DISCLAIMER- I am in no way a substitute for any advice given by a medical or holistic professional. Advice is based on experiences that have worked for me. If you have severe health problem or concerns, please seek professional guidance before changing your diet or exercise regimens.