throwback thursday- Day One of my 10K training.

This could be a fun tradition to start it’s amusing to look back on where it all began.

Monday, February 21, 2011-

Some of you may know that I’ve never been too much of a runner or a writer. I ran XC in middle school thinking it would help with my asthma- it made it worse. I also took creative writing in high school strictly due to the fact that I like my penmanship (Sorry Mrs. Crane). So, tonight I am conquering 2 battles. I have decided to blog throughout my training for OKC Memorial Marathon relay. Not only because it is something I can use to reflect my feelings throughout this journey, but also to keep me accountable. We all need accountability.

So, today started simple with just a mile and a half run. Rachel was kind enough to be my running buddy throughout this venture. (Like how I did that? Now, you guys can hold Rachel accountable too.) We headed out to a trail that she really likes outside of Bethany. Surprisingly, it is a lot easier to run with a buddy than all alone. Maybe, because you guys may have the same thoughts going on in your head or have the same goals in mind, who knows? But, today was a good chilly run.

Tomorrow is cross-training day, so I think that I will go to my boxing class at the gym. Weather permitting we will return to the trail on Wednesday. I will keep you updated.