well, well, well.

I’ve recently gotten hooked on The Voice. Mostly, I’ve gotten hooked on Blake Shelton. He’s got that Southern charm. A few episodes ago, and singer disclosed that they were from Texas, and Blake responded “well, well, well.” As if he was from Texas. Adam Levine quickly jumped in to remind him otherwise. So, in saying this, I want to begin a series of post called, “Well, Well, Well.” Here I will share random facts about myself, and hope that you get as much as a laugh out of it as I do now.

Well, well, well…

I’m from South Carolina.
Although, I claim Texas as my home, I actually was born and lived in South Carolina for 3 years. Sometimes people think I have an accent, and I don’t know what to credit that to. But, I was born a South Cackalacky girl.


I once auditioned for America’s Next Top Model.
It was my junior year in college, and they were holding a cattle call in Oklahoma City. So, my friend and I waited hours in line for a 2-3 minute audition. And guess what? I didn’t make it.