I created this blog to reflect on my thoughts concerning health, wellness, and fitness. The last few months, have definitely thrown this blog for a loop. Outside of the races I’ve run and the recipes I whip up, it’s time to truly realize, recognize, and take note: The world does not stop for me!

My stomach is still in knots and my heart is still very heavy. There may never be the right words to say in response to the tragic events that have taken place this week in Oklahoma. Either directly or indirectly, we have all been affected one way or another to the inanimate disaster that has caused so much hurt and devastation to so many in the last 72 hours.

I won’t say my words are few. But, the words that follow have been on my ailing heart the last few days. It has been difficult to accept this tragedy as truth even days later.

My Dearest Oklahoma,

Thank you for accepting me as your own.

In the last eight years, you have molded me into a better person. You’ve let me enjoy the modesties of Western Oklahoma while I spent four years gaining higher education there. You’ve taught me the pleasures and rewards of living life with patience outside of the hustle and bustle of a big city. You’ve taught me to be a child again and to never quit learning through your fascinating history and wonders.

You’ve taught me compassion for my fellow man. Oklahomans pull together in times of need and are tenacious in everything in doing so. You graciously remind me, Labor omnia vincit, and show it in actions and not just words. Thanks for helping me believe in humanity and community again by simple gestures and acts of kindness all true Oklahomans make not expecting anything in return.

You’ve taught me well, Oklahoma.

I forever cherish your selflessness, compassion, charm, and love. I used to just think you were okay, but you have become so much more than that. Although, I was raised in Texas, this week I’ve never been prouder to live in the Sooner State.  Oklahoma is resilient. Oklahoma is community. Oklahoma does rise together.

Oklahomans shows love by action. Overwhelmingly.

We will get past this. We will grieve. We will heal. It will get better.



photo credit: Heath Dodd