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What a great way to end a fabulous three-day weekend. First off, I found out the Sweat Pink application response I had been waiting for over six weeks had finally come back. I’m now one of the newest Sweat Pink Ambassadors for Fit Approach. Now, what exactly does that mean? Yours truly, is now part of an awesome community of pink sweating women and men who help motivate, inspire, and encourage our friends, families, and communities to get fit. Not only do I get to continue doing what I love- eating right, getting fit, and smiling all most of the way. I get to do all of this rocking Sweat Pink swag!!! Sweet shirt and pink laces. Also, as a SPA I get some cool discounts on cool products which I’ll be able to review and let you all know what I think. I’m really excited, not only with the mission of Fit Approach but the timing of all of this.

This week starts Week 3 of my Arbonne 28 Day Detox. Might I add, I’m feeling more energized and “less fluffy.” I feel stronger in the gym especially. This Wednesday begins the 7-day cleanse portion of the detox.

I spent this weekend in my home state of Texas. I was able to visit my local Ft. Worth YMCA on Saturday morning for a good lift and had a good giggle at the guy that literally did biceps on EVERY single machine and free weight he could get ahold of. I saw a squat rack, he saw bicep curl rack. I’ve literally never seen biceps done in so many ways. Brings a whole new understanding to, “friends don’t let friends skip leg day.”


Back to the grind tomorrow, and next post, I will be sure to post my mile updates. Back to getting fit and sweating pink.

Currently training for:
TWU Power Sprint Tri- July 28, 2013
Redman Half Triathlon- September 21, 2013

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