what i did today.

Today, I lifted. A lot.

I’ve been experimenting with new pre-workout drinks. Today, I found out why I will never do drugs. I literally felt like I was growing hair on my chest. So, the energy part of it worked as planned, but the itchy side effects, I could do without. Energy I want, and energy I got. I just had to move.

So, of course I began with a good Prancercise. If you have not, do me a solid, and click on the link.

Prancerise (Enhanced) from kwright18 on Vimeo.

Okay, after I got that out of the way. Here’s what I did today:

Tough Upper Body Day

push ups.

Since, I will be out of town for work this week, I really wanted to hit the gym hard. Who knows how much time or resources I will have over the next few days on the road.

face pulls.

Even after a pretty exhausting day in the gym, I still had some energy to burn. So, I went for a 2-mile run in my neighborhood.

Exciting news!!! I got my EnergyBits in the mail today! Can’t wait to give them a try and possibly be a new ambassador for them. They are already one up in my books. They are one of the sponsors for the One Run For Boston, which passes through my neck of the woods June 17- June 19. Keep a look out for runners in your town.

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  1. Prancercise!!! My coworker and I were practicing our prancing skills in the office the other day. Born to prance.


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