unhealthy “healthy” foods.

With so much misinformation out there, it’s hard to make good choices when it comes to eating healthy. Many people are mislead by marketing and advertising, especially when our favorite actress, actor, or singer swears by a product, well played!

Although there are so many unhealthy foods out there. Here are few to steer clear from:

Veggie Sticks
Veggie sticks claim to be a great alternative to vegetables, but they are actually a puffed mixture of cornstarch, potato flour, vegetable puree, salt and sugar. Although, they may seem like a great substitute, you’re better off eating servings of real vegetables.

Fat-free Yogurt
Like many fat-free products, this often contains high amounts of sugar to make it taste better. This is especially true of fruit-flavored yogurt because it usually contains artificial sweeteners. Your best choice is adding your own fruit such as strawberries and blueberries to plain Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has double the protein and less sugar.

Trail Mix
A healthy mixture of nuts, seeds and berries are a great example, but be careful when they are packaged together as trail mix. These mixtures contain more dried fruit and chocolate than we need. Many times the dried fruits are coated in sugar and more times than not the nuts and seeds are covered in hydrogenated oil mixtures, such as cottonseed, canola, and/or peanut oil. So, it’s better to make your own. Many health food stores and even some local grocers now carry nuts, seeds, and berries in their bulk sections. Go for raw and unsweetened when possible and add your own seasonings.

Sports Drinks
Sports drinks claim to be the best post-workout hydration and necessary for recovery. While they may be great for games, tough workouts, and some even claim hangovers, sports drinks are consumed unnecessarily. Created originally for athletes competing in competitions or high-intense workouts lasting 90 minutes or more, they are high in sugar and they can pack on the pounds for an average person. Many people don’t know that food you consume will provide the body with more than enough electrolytes needed for exercising and physical activity. So, grab yourself an avocado, you’ll be better off.

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