what i 6-packed this week.

Many people are curious about what I eat during the week. Although, I mostly adhere to a grain-free, sugar-free “diet.” Occasionally, I do put “life into living”, as my friend, Vinnie Tortorich would say. I mean, with the rate at which my girlfriends are getting married, I have to enjoy a little cake every now and again.

I also started using my 6-Pack this week, and I really do love it. It’s helping me plan ahead and helping me be more mindful of what I am eating throughout the day.


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I will add that I don’t always eat everything that I pack each day. I like to know that I do have the option if I do get extra hungry some days. This week I decided to prepare salmon on Sunday night, so it made it easy to build my prepared lunches around that.

Do you have a 6-Pack Bag? What are some of your favorite meals to prepare ahead of time?

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