product review: vitacost essential women’s daily pack

Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.

We all need vitamins. Where do they come from? Where do we get them?

Our bodies need vitamins to perform daily functions. Every organism in our bodies rely on vitamins and minerals to function correctly. Vitamins can help protect us against free radicals, reduce inflammation, rebuild cells, strengthen our hearts, help our blood clot, and so much more. Vitamins are essential to all functions of a living, healthy body.

A well-balanced, healthy diet is the ideal way to get your daily vitamins, although most doctors suggest still consuming a multi-vitamin to make up for what you are not consuming enough of through nutrition. In simple terms, your body will absorb what it needs and get discard of the rest.

I had the pleasure of sampling and reviewing’s Essential Women’s Daily Packs.


One thing you should know about me and my past experiences with vitamins. I ALWAYS forget to take them. Like, ALWAYS! I’ve thrown out lots of vitamins because I’ve forgotten to take them for so long they are past the expiration date.

Secondly, some vitamins have given me a very upset stomach. Even when taken with food. Some ingredients in multi-vitamins just don’t agree with me. I even got to the point as a child that I couldn’t even take Flintstone vitamins, they just did not agree with me. Seriously, what kid doesn’t like Flintstones?

These are my biggest battles in selecting a multi-vitamin. I mean, I have to remember to take it, if it’s gonna do me any good. And it should make me feel better, not worse.

When I received my Daily Packs in the mail, I was thrilled that each vitamin was packaged separately in a daily serving. Because of that, I was able to stick a pack or two in my purse, gym bag, and 6-pack to have available essentially any time of the day. This also made it very convenient for me while I was on vacation. I could stash these easily in my carry-on. No toting around 30-, 60-, or a 90-pills bottle of vitamins sounding like a supplement maraca.


Each pack contains:
1) Multi-Vitamin
2) Fish Oil tablet
3) Cranberry tablet
4) Calcium-Magnesium tablet


All of these were very easy to swallow, individually, or all together.

Something about those shiny silver packages that just sparkled in the corner of my eye. During my 30-day review, I forgot to take my pack ONCE! At first, I thought Vitacost should consider repackaging, but the silver, foil-colored packs work. I feel like the packages stood out, which made it difficult to forget to take each day.

The Day I Forgot
Although I didn’t think it had affected me at the time. That day I felt a little less rested and groggy. I had trouble falling asleep and didn’t sleep as soundly. I also didn’t eat as well as I usually do on a normal day. Maybe, it’s all conicidence, but I believe that lack of vitamins made me crave foods I wouldn’t have typically been drawn to.

No upset stomach here. Most days I made sure to take my pack right after breakfast and sometimes lunch, if I had a light breakfast. But, a few days even after a light breakfast, I never felt sick or had an upset stomach after taking my pack.’s Essential Women’s Daily Packs are affordable and convenient. As well as, dairy, nut, and gluten-free.

I’m now a believer, and will certainly continue taking vitamins.

Wanna try them for yourself? Click here.


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