well, well, well. part 2

1) Music? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.
I don’t listen to music when I run. Really, I don’t. When I first began running a few years back, I tried to listen to music on my phone. But, I found myself getting frustrated trying to keep those dang earbuds in. This is before I knew about all the fancy shmancy earbuds today. But, I decided to just go without the hassle one day, and have never looked back. I find myself being more attentive to what’s around me as well. So, win-win.

2) Although I sport a lot of pinks and purples, my favorite color is actually green.
The color green just reminds me of freshness and life. It’s been my favorite color for a long time. Turtles were my favorite animal growing up as well, so that is probably another reason I like the color green. Speaking of turtles. My dad was going to buy me a turtle once, he said I needed to wait for them to be “in season.” It wasn’t until about 4 years ago, I was telling a friend my dad was supposed to buy me a turtle when I was a kid, but they weren’t “in season.” Imagine the laughter that came from that conversation. Yeah, turtles don’t have seasons, apparently. DAD!!

3) I ran cross country in middle school, but I was really, really bad at it. In fact, I think my fastest time for 2-miles was 19:24. To be honest, I did not practice enough to be good. Thinking back of those times now, kind of makes me about chuckle about my 2-mile times now.