throwback thursday: Why I Run…

Originally posted September 2, 2011 on my Facebook “blog”:

Yesterday while working at Bath & Body Works, I got into conversation with my store manager, Claire. Out of the conversations, she asked me how my training was going for the half. I began telling her about the few setbacks I’ve recently had, but overall not too bad. Then she asked me, “So, what made you start running?” I kind of stepped back for a bit, and fumbled up an answer. I mean, most people begin doing things for a reason. To achieve an end result. I mean, I did start running to finish a 5K in March. But, it is well past March, and now I am training for yet another race. I really had no constructed answer for this. It has gotten me in better shape, but so does playing soccer. It has made my breathing easier, but so does staying out of smokey bars. I decided to see why other people run, and maybe their reasons, reflect some of mine.

Here are some of the reasons I run:

1) I can do it alone. Don’t get me wrong, I am a social person and enjoy the company of others, but sometimes alone time is man’s best friend. During a self-reflective moment I’ve recently had, I discovered that I am kind of weird. I am a know-it-all-not-so-knowing-it-all, creative, passionate about things most people don’t care about, mildly-temper but well- contained person.

2) I think about a lot of things while I’m running. I think the most about the events in my life and how they have shaped me. I think about my mother and try to justify the reasons she moved so far away. I remember the God-fearing she was, and how she taught my brother and I to be the same. How my parent’s divorce crushed me more than they will ever know.

3) I think about my grandparents. I think about how they worked so hard but never had enough time to relax and enjoy their accomplishments. How they always take care of everyone around them, while everyday it is harder for them to take care of themselves.

4) I think a lot about my health and extending my quality of life as long as possible.

5) Running also teaches me to endure. What used to be a struggle becomes a routine and you realize that these lessons in endurance become core to all aspects of your life.

6) Running has been a gift. Right before I began my running spree, I was told I needed to have another knee surgery because I no longer have cartilage in my knee. I remember the first run I went on I thought to myself, “Well, I am gonna run right now because I can, if it hurts, I’ll stop.” It hasn’t hurt since.

In everything you do, do it because you have the opportunity now. You are not promised tomorrow, so make the best decisions today.

Warrior Dash September 2011