sore muscles in the summertime.

So little to do and so much time. I’ve really been taking advantage of this summer break thing. In addition to finally getting my stuff unpacked, becoming a state resident again, and taking care of all that adult stuff, like changing addresses, insurance, etc. I have had a lot of time to catch up with friends and go to the gym. A lot. I am so thankful that I live close to the neighborhood YMCA. Close enough that, I don’t even drive my car. I bought myself a new bike lock and have been able to pedal through the neighborhood to add a few miles under my tires to reach destination Y-M-C-A.

In the past few months my main focus has been lifting. But, I’ve had the itch to get my biking and running back into high gear. I have a stretch goal of running a half-marathon this October. Knee permitting. I’ve only ran one-mile outside since my “diagnosis,” but want to continue riding my bike, and hopefully get in the pool soon for some more lower impact cardio sessions.

august workout
Supersets highlighted in green.

FARMER WALKS TODAY KILLED ME!!! I haven’t been this sore in a very, very long time.

I’m really happy to be back in TEXAS. Which I state once again. It’s nice to be back in my community. The rest of the week, I need to remember to stay hydrated, stretch, and foam roll to relieve some of the soreness.

Have a great week!