it’s my half birthday.

I am pretty sure only girls know when their half birthdays are. Mine just happens to be today.

I celebrated by getting my school ID, parking pass, and getting in a great workout. I’ve been very anxious about getting back into my pre-injury condition.

On my 26th birthday I ran a whopping 16-miles. And today, at 26 1/2 years old, I am no where near that type of running shape. Today, my goal was a 5k. Which felt like 16-miles to me. I actually split it up between my warm-up and cool down.

I tend to go a little overboard on lower body day, just because I hate being injured, and I know that getting and maintaining strong lower body muscles will help avoid future injuries and reduce the discomfort of current ones.

After my 1.50-mile warm-up in 13:12, what, what!!! I preceded to my workout.

Lunges, Goblet Squats, Leg Press, Calf Raises, Cable Kickbacks, Leg Raises, Leg Extensions, and Leg Curls. Whoo! Followed by a 1.61-mile run in less than 15 minutes. Pretty dang impressive for coming off the pine.


Makes me feel a little my confident in my Fall training. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get back on the pavement.

Good luck in races and weekend training runs!

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