nothing too pressing…

I love getting things in my mail. I love getting order confirmations and shipping details sent to my email and phone. It just gets me so excited that I will soon get something in the mail. Maybe, it’s the enjoyment of opening a box and hoping that you like it as much as the marketers told you would.

Currently, I’m waiting for several items to make it my direction:
1) Textbooks
2) RoadID
3) Questbars
4) Sports Supplements
5) My TXDL

Did I mention I love getting mail?

I think I’m waiting the most impatiently for my textbooks and RoadID. I feel like once my textbooks come, it will solidify the fact that I’m once again a student. Not that resigning from my job, moving to Texas, getting a student ID, etc. didn’t already. I think the fact I will finally have all the information I will be learning and absorbed in for the next few years will be right in front of me makes it real. I can’t wait to get back into the classroom studying something I truly love and want to know more about.

Earlier this summer, I was accepted into the RoadID Affiliate Program. With all the hustle of moving, I hadn’t gotten a chance to sit down to decide on which RoadID to order. Since, I’ve been riding my bike to the gym, I realized I needed to order one sooner rather than later. The pouch on my bike allows me to carry a minimal amount of items while riding. I usually squeeze in my weightlifting log, phone, keys and ID. And it really is a squeeze. The other day I found myself out with friends, only to realize I couldn’t find my ID because I had left it in my pouch. I figured that’s when I needed to order my RoadID. It keeps me from needing to carry my ID when I’m out on my bike, especially when I’m going just a short distance from home. I only carry my ID for emergency situations, if one were to arise. With my RoadID, I was able to put my contact information, and any other vital information that would provide assistance if something were to happen.

I recommend any and all of my friends who engage in activities outdoors to think about investing in a RoadID. It’s also great for school-aged children with medical conditions or allergies.

So, other than keeping my eye on the mailman for the next few days, I have nothing pressing to do today. I was able to enjoy breakfast and coffee on the back porch this morning all while listening to some good ol’country music. Slowly but surely tidying up and getting things in just the right place.

I haven’t done this in awhile, but I will post my mile updates. I’ve tracked them in four different places, so, I just need to find them all.

Review and another giveaway coming next week. Everyone can find use for this one!

Have a great Saturday!!!

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