throwback thursday: Day 24 & 27- Just takes a little push.

Originally posted March 21, 2011—

Day 24-
I feel like my days are beginning to revole around my running schedule. Which is really not a bad thing. Thursday was one of the hottest days by far this year, and I headed to the Bluff Creek Trails just north of Lake Hefner for my two-mile run. I like this trail as well, because it is a nature trail. The first time Rachel and I ran at this location we saw three deer run across the trail right in front of us. (Although I don’t think Rachel was as excited as I was.) Because of the warmer weather, I made sure to run in the center of the paved trail. I didn’t want to encounter any snakes. But, I did manage to squeal at every single stick and/or twig that closely resembled a squiggly serpent. Since this is only a one-mile course, I squealed at every stick and/or twig my second trip around as well. Finished my run dripping in sweat and without any snake bites.

Day 27-
After an awesome service at this morning, I headed to Eldon Lyon Park. Today’s mission: three-point-five miles. Whew. I don’t know if it’s running for distance or running for time that intimidates me more, but whatever it is, I was certainly up for the challenge. After wasting way too much time trying to fixing my iPod, I gave up and decided I would just have to sing to myself. I am starting to realize that singing to myself while running is just like listening to a pop radio station. I sing the same songs over and over, but one feature that my iPod and the radio doesn’t offer- I usually only sing the chorus and I stay on repeat.

The first half to 3/4 mile is when I start to get my legs going. I do love that this course has hills, so while running downhill I can just relax and let the hill do all the work. The first mile and a half was a breeze. It probably wasn’t until just after two miles that I started to have a little doubts. I mean I wasn’t in pain or tired. I just wanted to Forrest Gump it and just stop. When I made it to about two and a half miles, I simply prayed to myself, “Lord, push me further than I would push myself.”

The last few weeks, I began to realize that I sometimes just settle for being mediocre or just doing what is expected, and not going beyond that. I am making an attempt to change that. Not just in my training, but in my personal and professional life as well. Sometimes it just takes a little push, and today I think that is just was I needed. Needless to say, I finished my run and recovered in no time.

Only three weeks until my first 10K at the Redbud Classic.

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