i’m a rambling ma’am.

Woke up with a few words on my mind this week: Willpower, commitment, and change.

It’s crazy how you can have nothing in the world to do, but still be busy.

I wish my Anatomy & Physiology book wasn’t on backorder. Why are textbooks so expensive, by the way? I literally saved $190 buying my textbooks on Amazon.com. I even got one of my books for $4 used.

I realized that I will graduate from my DTR program next Fall, then I will apply for my masters.

With my failure to post my blog on my set schedule, I’ve made sure to take lots of pictures of what my week has consisted of.

Is anybody still reading this?

20130822-213907.jpg I watched a hibiscus bloom.

20130822-213859.jpg I reused my jug for water.

20130822-213847.jpg I went to the Y.

20130822-213841.jpg I drank some BCAAs.

20130822-213831.jpg I lifted 110 pounds.

20130822-213812.jpg I rode my bike.

Have a great weekend.

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