sunday, sunday, sunday.

I’ve been soooo determined to get back to running in the last month or so. I am slowly but surely building my leg strength through weight training and cycling since both are lower impact on my joints. There you have it, folks! Turn 26 1/2 years old and you have to start worrying about the impact on your joints. Awesome life ahead of me.

The last two weeks, I’ve been able to get some miles back on my Brooks. Which is great news. Especially, since I’ve been able to run with no discomfort whatsoever. Even better news!

Here’s what I did this week:

I like to warmup before I warmup, apparently. I rode my bike the gym for a 20 HIIT treadmill routine created by the Nut Butter Runner. I completed today’s workout with an abs circuit and rode my bike home.

25 Jumping Jacks
0:25 Supermans
25 Crunches
25 Reverse Crunches
25 Mountain Climbers
0:25 Planks
Do circuit 3x

Rode my bike to gym again, and ambitiously tried to step up my HIIT routine by doubling the amount of time in each stage. Lemme just say. I wasn’t ready for that. I completed about 20 minutes before I realized 40 minutes was just not gonna happen. After crawling off the treadmill, I completed my leg workout for the day and rode my bike home.

Romanian DL 1×8
Conventional DL 3×8
Leg Press 4×10
Standing Calf Raises 4×20


I started attending a CXWORX class at my gym. From what I’ve gathered in the few classes I’ve been to, it’s a combination of resistance band training, body weight exercise, and dynamic movements. Everything a non-coordinated girl dreams of. I think I’m the only one that repeatedly snaps myself with the resistance bands during the class. Followed this class with 20 HIIT treadmill routine (I’m obsessed with it right now) and a “press” day.

Bench Press 4×8
DB Military Press 4×8
Push Press 4x 6-8 (I got pretty wobbly on these)
Triceps Press 4×12
Dips 4×15 (only because I haven’t done any in forever)


Bike. No HIIT today. LEG DAY!!!!

Leg Press 4×8
Squats 2×6; 4×8
Romanian DL 4×10

Farmer Walks 4x
Standing Calf Raises 4×20
Lunges 4×10
Step Ups 4×10

Ran 5k on treadmill. The end.


It’s Sunday and I’m in debates about pumping some iron or just taking the day off, because honestly, my leg are hurting.

On an even brighter note, my little brother is home and now, I have someone to pick on 🙂


Have a fabulous Sunday, friends!

5 thoughts on “sunday, sunday, sunday.

  1. That sounds like a great week of solid work Krystal! I very much believe in leg work in the gym to help your running. I am running my first 24 Hour Race in December and my training plan has a good amount of serious leg work. I detail my plan here
    And nice pace on the treadmill!
    Once you are able to get back into your running more, the extra leg strength you developed from the gym will serve you well! Here is hoping that is soon!
    Oh and great photo on your About page! Styling! 🙂

    I found you on Friday Linkup and look forward to delving more into your site!



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