I know, I have neglected you all. I’m in the midst of studying for (another) major A&P exam. I’m still alive and well. I’ll hit you up with another throwback for the time being. Miss you all! T

Way too long…

I know, I know. As soon as I promised to blog regularly I would fall off track. Although, my training schedule has been a tad bit more lackadaisical than I had anticipated, I have run into (no pun intended) some minor setbacks.

Yesterday- dun, dun, dun… I pulled my hamstring. I mean, I understand the few “battle wounds” that come with the sport, but this plagues me at a vital time. 11 days until the OKC Memorial. Today, I came home from work and just took a nap.

But, let me announce some personal victories. April 10th was the Redbud Classic. My personal goal for my first 10K was 60 minutes. I thought this was reasonable. I ended up finishing in 65 minutes. I won’t get started on how much of a baby I was when it came to the heat and the torture of the water stops being spaced out for what seemed to be miles and miles apart. But, I finished. And I got a snazzy little medal. I have never gotten a medal from running anything in my adult life. I certainly felt very accomplished.

I have also been taking a Run Faster class twice a week during lunch. It’s just a 30 minute class focusing on speed intervals to help improve my speed during a race.

OKC MEMORIAL PERSONAL GOAL – 59 minutes. I think that this is feasible. The run will be in the morning, so before it gets too hot outside. I didn’t feel tired after the Redbud, so I could have pushed myself a tad more.

Please pray for me and my hamstring 🙂

Enjoy the pictures below from IonOklahoma Magazine’s website. Jennifer and I joked around that they needed pictures to rep the minorities at the race. It’s funny because we made the cut by two different photographers within a 10 minute span.