fueling better.

Today, I ran. My muscles are sore and my body was telling me “no.” I didn’t run hard. I didn’t run far, but I ran.
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I lost vision of the goals that I had this year with my running hiatus. I still plan on competing in the TWU Sprint Tri this summer, so therefore, I ran.

Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has not only provided with me a community of encouraging and inspiring women, who have helped me regain my focus, but sweating pink sometimes means trying out awesome products to tell you all about.


Vega Sport is an affordable plant-based nutritional supplement unlike any other on the market.


My issue lately has been finding the “energy” to get out the door, and that’s where Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer comes to save the day.

I’ve been using Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer before heading out on my runs. I mix a packet of pre workout with 8-12 ounces of water depending on the amount of “punch” I need. And lately, I’ve needed a lot of punch!

I had the best results consuming Vega Sport Pre Workout 15-20 minutes before my run.

Vega Sport takes a few seconds to really dissolve in my water, but once well dissolved, this pre workout goes down smooth without the artificial fruity flavor found in most pre workouts on the market.

This taste is not as sweet as other pre workouts I’ve used in the past. I enjoyed not having an overwhelming sugar taste in my mouth before a workout. Also, Vega Sport Pre Workout didn’t leave me with the “tingly” feeling. Which was a relief!


Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer really helped me get energized and helped with my endurance.

With my return to running, also brings the return of the fuel belt. PS_10f0755f-75f5-4d1a-ba1c-bd52859b5ba6

No better way to fuel better all around.


❤ Krystal

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