I’m so wood[lands]

The title is so funny if you sing it to “I’m so Hood”.  Okay, maybe it’s just funny in my head. Nope, I said it out aloud, it’s funny.

Sometimes, you just need to get away.

After completing a somewhat (3.65 GPA) successful semester, I decided my time to get away was last weekend. I decided to pack up my day bags and head south(ish). Originally, I planned on heading to OKC, but due to the crazy winds and rains, I figured I would enjoy heading the opposite direction for a few days. For me, this is the road less traveled. I hopped in my car, gassed up, grabbed some beef jerky, and hit the road. Okay, so I really didn’t go to “Houston”. I ventured to The Woodlands, a city just north of Houston.


If anyone knows me, you know, I usually don’t do spontaneous- especially to cities I have never been to. I left my framily a note – “Heading to Houston with Kyle and his gf. ❤️ Krystal!l

The Woodlands is a beautful city!

The trip started with a night at Doosey Does to see Howie Day, and after that it just got better. We headed the The Walkway in the Woodlands for a few drinks, and then called it an evening. Nothing says a good night like Ubering with friends and singing BoyzIIMen to your Uber driver while pondering why there was never a GirlzIIWomen.


Saturday morning we awoke to have brunch at Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen and then headed into Houston to tour Saint Arnold’s Brewery. After sharing a few brews, cheers, and laughter, we found our way to the Modern Arts Museum.


Ended the weekend with some karaoke.

Houston, we had no problems!