sisterhood of the traveling waistline.

Oh yeah, I went there.

So, I’ve had a few accomplishments this week.


I joined a gym.

I joined a gym and went to it.

I joined a gym and went to it more than once this week.

Are you catching on?

This last year and a half, I put on a little “happy weight.” I think that’s what it’s called. In the last 6 months I put on, lets just call it, “breakup weight.” Holler if you hear me!

But, for real.

As I glanced at myself doing rows and dumbbell presses in the mirror at the gym today, I can’t help but kind of giggle at my “seemingly” bottle-shaped figure. I know I pulled my tights up a little higher to prevent that little muffin-pooch that was cute about 11 years ago. Geez, when did this happen? As if me purchasing Spanx was not already the tell-tale sign of me packing on a few L.B.S. When did I become okay with this?

I certainly have found ways to disguise this. Especially in pictures. Please refer to the following:



Angles. You get the right angle, you can get a great picture.

Okay, so before I get too sidetracked. This post is NOT about how to fool the camera. It’s also NOT a post to SHAME anyone. When it comes down to it, it’s about wanting to change, and making a change. My yoga teacher this semester made the statement after one class, “if you change nothing, nothing changes.”  I’m not going to pretend like I woke up suddenly today and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. This came from choices made each day for the last year or so which brought me to this.

Friends, this is for you! Whatever you can do, get out there and do it. Let’s bring our waistlines back down to our waist.

❤ Krystal