not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

When I’m driving, it’s fun to look over and see couples arguing. Okay, maybe it’s not so much fun, but entertaining to say the least. I can only imagine how heated a conversation can get from the time people get in the car to their destinations, what has called so much turmoil to cause these “carguments.” Back seat drivers? Hard breakers? Who knows? It’s entertaining to watch. And this is why I drive alone.

This past week, I’ve been studying my booty off for A&P. Quite frankly, it’s easier the second time around. I found myself studying one afternoon at Starbucks when an elderly lady sat next to me. She noticed the huge book on my table and began asking me questions about school. She introduced herself as Dr. Harriette O’Connor, and boy has she overcome some adversity to call herself a doctor.

When she completed her undergraduate studies, over 50 years ago, she applied to 7 medical schools and was turned down from EVERY ONE strictly because she was a female. After choosing to take to broader route, she found herself married with children. Never losing sight of one day becoming a doctor, at the prime age of 40 she decided to go back to school after encouragement from a close family friend. And that’s what she did. She was the oldest one in her class, and admits to not being the “brightest bulb in the chandelier,” but she worked hard. She asked questions. She did the work. She showed up.

There’s my encouragement for you today. SHOW UP! DO WORK! ASK QUESTIONS! Maybe, not necessarily in that order. But, really, what’s your excuse at this point?

I also attended my 10 year high school reunion and had a blast. I’m amazed of what my former classmates have accomplished in the last 10 years. Some have proudly served in our military, others are starting charities, and others own businesses. It’s nice to get pretty for one day and pretend like “I woke up like this.

Photos Courtesy of Lance Adams, Fort Worth, Texas

Have a fantastic week.

❤ Krystal