well, well, well. part 3.

Every so often I like to let you all in on some little known facts about me. Some are interesting and intriguing while others are just a little embarrassing. But, here it is, enjoy:

1) I am an Irish twin. That’s right. I only became familiar with this term a couple of years ago, but my older brother and I are indeed 11 months apart- to the day. Everytime I look at this picture, the lyrics to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s “Brother For Sale,” come rushing in my head. But, I love this guy! He really is the best big brother.


2) When I was in middle school, I won an Oreo Stacking contest at the grocery store. Of course, I found out about this contest through extensive dial-up internet research. Life goals, ya’ll, life goals.

3) I absolutely love wearing dresses. No explanation needed.






megan+oliver's wedding

megan+oliver’s wedding