choosing grace.


I’ll be the first to admit. I’m critical. Of myself. And of others. I judge myself based on my intentions and others on their actions.

I preface most of my criticism with, “I know I’m not perfect but [insert hateful remark to crush anyone in the path of this message].” (I think I say something similar to this on the daily.)

I want grace from others but, I’m selective in giving it.

I drown out grace in gossip, temper tantrums, and sometimes swearing silently in my head.

Yeah, I’m a punk sometimes. I know I’m supposed to love people, but how can I when I don’t like them?

I was challenged today to choose grace. For myself, and especially towards others. I am selfish, broken, prideful, grieving, shameful, and most of all human. This makes it so hard to choose grace.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Those who look for the bad in people will surely find it.”

I think this is exactly right.

With the new year only days away, my challenge for myself and all of my friends is to choose grace.

I choose grace because I don’t know the struggles you’ve faced.

I choose grace because you don’t know your battles ahead.

I choose grace because I don’t know how far your road is ahead of you.

I choose grace because I don’t know how far you’ve already traveled.

I am not perfect, and I don’t claim to be. But, I can choose to forgive and merciful. I hope you can do the same.

Happy New Year.

❤ Krystal