3 reasons why i gave up selfies in 2016 (and maybe you should, too).

I’ve taken my fair share of selfies. And lets face it, we have become so obsessed with selfies. Where we’re going and what we’re doing and who we’re going and doing things with.


Me with my Starbucks. Which really isn’t as cool when you work at Starbucks.


Me taking a picture of me about to take pictures. Seems logical.


Me on Halloween. Okay, this is cute and funny. Especially convincing my friend’s toddlers I used to be a cheetah.

Although, I usually don’t jump too much on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, this year I decided to do something brave, although it’s not brave at all. I gave up selfies.


3 Reasons Why I Gave Up Selfies in 2016 (and Maybe You Should, Too).

1. To appreciate the moments as they occur.

The problem with selfies is that this appreciation is lost. We consume time and energy making things “picture perfect” that we don’t appreciate the precious moments for what they are. We are pretty much photo shopping and filtering every waking moment. Times that you can’t get back or relive. And guess what? Not all moments need to be digitally documented or edited. They can just be moments.

2. To pay more attention to the the world around me.

So, true story. When I lived in Oklahoma City, the company I worked for gave me tickets to a baseball game. A couple of girls sitting a few rows in front of me were on their phones the entire game. Taking selfies, texting, laughing, etc. The batter from the home team step up the the plate. The pitcher threw the ball and as the batter swung he somehow lost grip on the bat, and I’ll let you guess the direction bat went flying.

Okay, granted this is a major freak incident. But, seriously. Giving up selfies has taught me to be vigilant to the world around me. Not in the a crazy everyone is out to get me way, in a way I can be moved by emotion when I hear a 96-year old man say to a stranger, “You know, I never thought I’d live this long,” or watching three middle aged women sit at lunch laughing until they cry. Other people are really cool. And you know what, I didn’t see any of these people to pick up the phone to document these moments. Just saying.

3. To meet new people.

That seems like a weird reason to give up selfies. Remember a time when if you wanted to take a picture with you and friends, you had to actually ask someone you more than likely didn’t know, “Hey, would you mind taking a picture of us?” Those pictures probably turned out great. Everyone’s faces were in it and not contorted into some unnatural position to fit in the frame. Hey, news flash: THOSE DAYS STILL EXIST. You’re smart people. I know so, because you’re reading this. But, seriously. All you have to do is ask.

Reader: “But, Krystal, someone will steal my camera/phone/GoPro, etc.”

Krystal: “Fear not, reader. Use your best judgement. Don’t give your camera/phone/GoPro to someone that looks like they can run faster than you.”

But, in all seriousness. From my experience most people are kind enough to take a picture in exchange for the same favor in return.


Our Galentine’s Day weekend at Terradorna. Thanks Dory for taking this picture.


Enjoying some winter sunshine with Michael and Kyle. Thanks Jesus for taking this picture.

I get it. This article was not the least bit convincing. That’s okay. Maybe, you may cut down on the selfies a bit. Or maybe not at all. Maybe, it will make you stop and think about other wonderful moments you could be capturing.

❤ Krystal