compression bags, 3 oz rule, & maybe chocolate pudding.


Where have I been lately? Buried under a pile of clothes, wrinkle release spray, and rechargeable batteries. I “finished” packing only to realize it will be wintertime in Namibia when I arrive so I unpacked everything and buried myself again.

I leave for Namibia in 10 days. It’s so crazy. Back in October when I accepted my invitation to serve April seemed so far away. Although, my service hasn’t even begun, one thing is for certain-

Packing sucks.

When did the carry-on liquid rule change to 3-1-1? How is anyone supposed to know this? 4-1-1 makes sense. 3-1-1, does not. Especially since this really means that anything under 3.4-ounces are permitted in your carry-on. Makes perfect sense.

I thank my lucky stars for my great friends and family who have pulled through with the necessities I need for my big move.

I threw a packing party this week and Carrie was the only guest to show. I think she was just as overwhelmed me. Thank you for helping me utilize my space more efficiently even if it means I won’t know which pudding flavor is which. Without you, I would have packed all my 4-ounce liquids in my carry-on and would have made it to Africa without bug spray, sunscreen, and contact solution.


But seriously, how in the world do you pack for 2 years?

Carrie’s response would be, “you don’t.”

And that is so true.

Well, I know future PCT/PCV (Peace Corps Trainees/Peace Corps Volunteers) may need a little guidance as well. I probably don’t offer much at this point, but here’s what I am tentatively packing.

NOTE: Compression bags are my saving grace right now. Found a 12-pack at T.J. Maxx for $12.99.



1 Olympia 33 in” rolling duffel bag
1 High Sierra hiking backpack (40L)
1 MaxPedition backpack
Luggage tags and locks
Zip ties

What I’m [Probably] Packing

Let’s start here first.

Spices/Seasonings – curry, taco seasoning, garlic salt, guacamole mix, fajita seasoning, Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning, Tony Chachere’s, BBQ rub, etc. (Current PCVs have mentioned acquiring spices, particularly Tex/Mex seasonings are hard to come by, that’s why I am packing those.)

Guilty pleasures – Jell-O pudding, gummy bears, cinnamon bears

Snacks- Protein bars, beef jerky, etc. (The snack items are mostly for traveling time.)

Water enhancers such as Crystal Light and True Lemon. (Word on the street, I’ll be consuming a lot of water, might as well make it taste good.)
Tons of instant coffee (Working at Starbucks had its perks, pun totally intended.)

Work Clothes
2 pairs of dress pants
3 dresses
4 pairs of dress socks
4 knee length skirts
Maxi skirt
2 sweaters
2 cardigans
Button-up sweater

Casual Clothes
3 short-sleeved shirts
5 long-sleeved shirts
2 pairs of denim jeans
Denim capris
2 pair of shorts
2 spaghetti strapped shirts (for layering)

Workout Clothes
4 athletic tops
2 pairs of athletic capris
3 pairs of soccer shorts
2 pairs of athletic tights (1 warm weather, 1 everyday tights)
Running jacket

Raincoat with removal outer shell
Winter scarf
Winter beanie and headband
Fleece pullover
Finger-less gloves (advice from my friend, RPCV Lindsey.)
Leather gloves
Sun hat

Roughly 30 pairs of dri-wicking underwear
6 regular bras
8 sports bras
20-25 pairs of socks
6 pairs of wool socks

5 lightweight scarves (I love scarves, can’t give up my style.)
Couple pairs of earrings and some necklaces
Small cross body purse

(Shoes with dependable soles are key. I didn’t dare pack any of my cute Target finds.)
Chaco sandals
flip-flops (for showering, if I get to shower)
Croc ballet flats
leather loafers
New Balance training shoes
casual sandals
Chaco boots
slippers with sturdy sole

Household Products
travel sewing kit
rubber drain stopper
Tide pens
Wrinkle release spray
French press
2 Nalagene bottles
Bottle brushes
A set of travel utensils (For meals on the go)

Toiletries (Most of these items I can get in country, but packed at least 3 months’ supply to last me throughout training.)
Spray bottle (This advice was from Ashley, Ethopia PCV)
Body wash
Face wash
Contact Solution
Bug spray
Ear plugs
Wet ones
Make up
Nail clippers
Medications and vitamins

Duck tape
Neck pillow/travel pillow
Headlamp (advice from PCV ChristyinNamibia)
Set of rechargeable batteries (AA and AAA) and the charger
2 journals
Fast drying towels
Pocket knife, Gerber multitool
Travel umbrella
A couple reusable shopping bag
Set of kitchen knives
Texas ornaments for host family gifts
1 microfiber towel set
Twin sheet set
2 deck of cards
Sleeping bag

Comforts From Home
Calligraphy book and pens
Coloring book and pencils
Photo book and tons of pictures
Nutrition books
Cooking apron, oven mitt, and pot holder

While, I am more than likely over-packing, I know that I can’t pack everything. And if needed, I can have things shipped to me, or purchase them in-country. After reading many “suggestive” packing lists this is what I came up with for myself. I help this can be helpful to someone in the future.

Until next time!

❤ Krystal