wash your whites first.

My new normal consist of waking up around 0545 or 0600 Monday through Saturday (no one back home will believe me about this one), eating breakfast, packing my bag for the day, and heading to the pickup spot to head for training.


Last week, I was assigned my language: Oshikwayama. Mainly spoken in northern regions of Namibia. This is not a “click” language, but instead a Bantu language.



I also moved in with my host family last week. I have loved it so far. My mom, Hanna, reminds me much of my own mother. She is quiet, yet does everything with love. She is always making sure I have enough to eat and even brings me snacks before bed, she brought me a glass of apple juice tonight. I have three host siblings and two cousins who live with me. It’s a busy house, but surprisingly quiet (inside) considering.


Most noise comes from the neighbors. Dogs, chickens, cats, oh, and the church that meets two to three times a week at the neighbors house. Possibly more about this later.

Before leaving for Namibia, many people wanted to know what type of house I would be living in. To be honest, I didn’t know. Like most Trainees, Volunteers, and RPCVs will tell you, “it depends.”


I am very fortunate to have running water and electricity, although when I move to my permanent site in June, this may not be the case. I have many of modern everyday conveniences, except ice and a washer and dryer. My sisters have watched and laughed at me handwashing but they are always willing to help me.

Word to the washer-less : wash your whites first.

I am still so amazed by my family. The children are so responsible and wise beyond their years. They each take care of each other and take the lead in household duties.

They are so curious about me and my American life. The fact I owned a car and have been to New York is so fascinating to them. I think we’ll learn a lot for each other.

For protection and security purposes, these photos are not of my house, but types of houses in my town.


Until next time,

❤ Krystal

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  1. I love it! Thx for pics and updates…whites first huh. Lol very cool. So far so good. I look forward to hearing more about the family life over there!


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