on the go.


Okahandja is a beautiful town of roughly 24,000 people, and probably about the same amount of dogs and chickens. I’m still learning my way around, and actually found myself walking an almost 8-miles round-trip to find the mall. I wasn’t lost. I know where the mall is. I know where my house is. I just don’t know the relation of my house to the mall. I’ll figure it out.

Days are still jam packed with language studies. I now know how to say “I have two brothers” which is “Ondi na ovamwemememati vavali,” and “I don’t need a man,” which is “Kandi pumbwa omusamane.” I just can’t use them together, that would be weird.

I’ve also learned to say, “cats are the devil” and “carrot.” You know, useful conversation starters?

Since I know how curious you are, I wanted to post a few pictures of things I see on the daily during my commute. I think colors here are even more vibrant than the States.


At least once a week, a truck driver parks his cattle in front of the training center. It’s very common to hear cows mooing during our training sessions or lunch breaks.


I found French pressed coffee in Namibia. The lady who owns this bakery sells mini French pressed coffee, muffins, and I believe she even makes her own shampoo. I plan on buying shampoo before I move to site.


Each evening I get to witness a beautiful sunset. This is one of many. I swear I could take pictures every evening of this, although pictures never do it justice. I don’t think this will ever get old.

❤ Krystal

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