ove okuninga ove.

One of my biggest fears of moving to Namibia for the Peace Corps was the fear I’d over sleep for anything and everything important. I’ve never been a morning person. Like ever. I’d even go back to sleep wearing my backpack while waiting for the bus in elementary school, see I’ve always been great at time management. While working in corporate America, my biggest struggle was making it to work on time, snoozing for an hour was a norm in my world.

Six days a week, I am up no later than 0600 and most mornings earlier so I can catch up on studies and get my eyebrows on fleek before training.

If anyone would have told me that I could possible get up before the sun everyday of the work, I’d call them crazy.

To my standards, this is early. So, so early. In Namibian standards, this may be considered a late start on the day.

Technology has made it incredibly easy to still see what’s going on back in the States, as while as sharing with you all what’s going on in Namibia.

Here are a few things I never knew before moving overseas:

I never knew how much time and preparation went into making food over an open flame. I’ve only truly been camping once in my life. I don’t think our menu got very complicated either. Probably beans and hotdogs. Preparing food over a fire may be my reality when I move to site in June. Who knows? I think seeing traditional Namibian cooking, literally from farm to table, makes me appreciate the love and hardwork anyone puts into a meal.



I never knew how well I could get along with 32 different people who are just as bright, intelligent, or maybe as crazy as me. I learn so much from each person everyday, whether through a group or individual conversation.

When I first left for Namibia, so many people told me how much this two years was going to change me. I choose not to focus so much on the distance future.

I reflect on each day and see how being surrounded by people who are more like the person I want to be is really how I can learn to challenge my own thoughts and ideas. This is where change and growth begins.

I never knew that I would have more room in my heart to love another family as if it were my own. Hanna has welcomed me into her home as a sister, daughter, and friend. I have had so many special moments living here. I’ve laughed so much with my new family. I’ve shared excitement when the kids brought home good marks on their reports cards. I’ve help consol a few tears when someone turned off SpongeBob. I really love my host family.



I never knew how small actions could be so rewarding. Like sharing batteries with my family when our power went out,

Or introducing them to chocolate chip pancakes,

Or even spending time color with them.

As you can see, Namibia has been great.

Oshi li wete,

❤ Krystal

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