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This year I decided to return back to school to studying dietetics after spending four years in the corporate world. I decided to pursue this career field based on my personal interests and character strengths. 1) I have a passion for health and fitness, mainly through nutrition health. 2) I love serving others, and helping them reach their personal goals. 3) I love learning new things, and dietetics is an ever-evolving science with new techniques and facts emerging every day.

My main areas of interest include sports nutrition emphasizing collegiate sports.  After obtaining my DTR, I plan to continue my education to become a Registered Dietitian. Being a former collegiate-athlete, I recognize the importance to nutrition when competing in events. By being about to work hand-in-hand with student-athletes and parents, I will be able to teach the importance of nutritional health and how it direct effects physical health, especially when meeting demands of competing at high levels of competition.

General Dietetics Specific
Work Experience (not  related to dietetics)

Chesapeake Energy Corporation- Land Technician, September 2010- July 2013; Paycom Payroll, LLC. – Payroll Specialist, November 2009- September 2010; Bath and Body Works- Sales Associate, August 2010- September 2012

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Read2Win Fort Worth- Volunteer Reader; SWITCH- Leader


Volunteer Experience (related to dietetics)
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Oklahoma City Landrunners Running Club,

Club/Activities (related to dietetics)

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics- member, current

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dietetic technician program