lets see how far i’ve come…

2013 has been a year of continuous growth for me. I’ve been through a lot of uphill battles and downhill slides this year, but continue to stand in awe of what has come to past this year. I’ve learned some new things, developed relationships, rekindled old friendships, moved on from unhealthy ones, ran a little, cried a little, forgave a lot, asked for even more forgiveness, and here I am.

When I created my 2013 goal list when started this blog last January, I had already set in mind things I knew for certain would be accomplished. Some things kind of fell to the wayside, but I will roll them over for 2014. For 2014, I will try to make my goals more measurable so that I can accomplish them to the best of my ability. In no way am I writing EVERY SINGLE ONE of my goals on this list. Some goals should be kept personal or shared on more of an intimate level. But, to the goals that I would like community accountability, I will share on MWA.

Twenty-Thirteen Goals:
Give time and money to those who need it more (I am almost embarrassed to have this as a goal, and even more embarrassed to consider checking this off. For me, I feel like I have been blessed with so much, and even in my times of struggle, I still have more than I need. I’ve had opportunities to give this year, and I think that God is continuing to test me in this area in my life each and every day. One valuable thing I learned this year: Some people spell the word “love,” T-I-M-E. Just spending time with someone can be a reflection of how much you care. So, for 2014, I will continue to show my love through time.)

Be more understanding (This is an understatement. For 2013, I tried to do a better job at relating more with people instead of expecting people to think and act like me. I’ve tried to take more time to listen than respond. If we’re honest with ourselves, there is something to learn from everyone.)

Stop jumping to conclusions about things (Still working on this)

Move closer towards professional goals (Back to school, back to school. Although challenging at times, especially after sitting through  my first semester of A&P, I have to continue  reminding myself it’s temporary and to stay strong. It’s going to be so worth it in the end.)  

Move closer to home (See, I told you! Some things had been decided before even writing my 2013 goals. In November of 2012, I had approached a few friends and family members about my thoughts of moving back to Texas. At the time, it was really nothing more than that. I began searching for jobs only to become discouraged that I would be moving back only to find another desk job to hate. Then, one day while listening to The Rich Roll podcast, I began jotting down notes on nutrition and several schools offering nutrition courses. I felt like I couldn’t write fast enough. And there you have it folks -the beginning of my journey into the world of dietetics.)

Read at least 12 non-fiction books (So, do my textbooks count? Can I count half-read books as a whole book? Needs improvement.)

Read my Bible or start (and finish) a Bible reading plan (Needs improvement.)

Volunteer (Check.)

Schedule (at least) one date night a month (Discovered that dates are actually enjoyable when 1) The date likes you back 2) The date pays. Okay, okay. I look forward to dates with Josh. He always makes me smile and truly cares (or does a fabulous job pretending.) He’s the best!!!! You’ll hear lots about him in 2014.)

Have lunch or dinner plans with good friends once a month (Sometimes I take friendships for granted, and sometimes I’m just lazy. It’s too easy to be tired from work and only want to curl up in a ball and sleep. But, scheduling, in advance, a date on the calendar gives me fellowship to look forward to after a long week. I thank God for the friendships that I have in my life. At the end of the day, when everything could go wrong, I have an amazing support system and I wouldn’t replace that for the world. People are built for relationship, and I need to not take that for granted.)

Colorado (Check.)
Austin, Texas (Check.)
Las Vegas – GTC conference in April (Nope.)
Puerto Rico – Arbonne incentive trip in October (Nope.)
Missouri (Nope.)
North Carolina (Nope.)
Pennsylvania (Nope.)

Pay down debt (tackle student loan) (Work in progress.)

Hit Goal Weight (Once I started to get closer to my “goal” weight, I realized I didn’t really like how my body was looking. I was so stuck on being a certain weight, I didn’t really factor in anything else. This year, as I continue to work on my fitness, I will experiment again with how I want to look and feel.)

Run/Swim/Bike 2013 miles this year (Drum roll please, 572.47 miles. It’s not 2013 miles. It felt like 2013 miles. This  is a rough estimate because I wasn’t very organized in recording my distances. I wrote them down on anything I had available at the time, and some miles (not many) weren’t recorded. In saying all this, I could have ran, swam, and biked the distance from OKC to DFW 3.71 times in 2013. That’s pretty cool.)

Train and complete a 1/2 Ironman distances triathlon (Sidelined this summer due to knee injury. Although, I think this will in the future, it won’t be in 2014.)

NSNG (Been off track for the majority of the year, especially after I moved and started school, time to incorporate this again)

Remember to take my vitamins (It’s clearly a miracle that I can somehow get a 30-supply of vitamins to last over 6 months. Does anyone has suggestions of remembering to take vitamins?)

Get enough sleep and drink enough water (There we go with measurable goals again. Also, the irony that it’s after midnight as I type this.)

No fast food in 2013 (Is anyone else still laughing about this? I’m human. I guess, I think I’m not sometimes.)

Here’s to 2014!!! New Goals here!


while we’re here…

So, I find myself sitting at Starbucks on my day off. Just like many around this time of year I sit here reflecting on 2013. The shouldas, couldas, and wouldas linger very near. I am so happy to be where I am at right now. Although, it may not be the traditional route most may choose, it’s working for me. I know the year is not over, but letsbehonest… I won’t be able to check off all of my list this year.

I’m amazed at the things I HAVE accomplished this year thus far.

I RAN a freaking (no one likes that word) marathon. Are you kidding me? My bones ache right now thinking about it.

I quit my JOB!! Who does that? I still wonder what an outsider thinks when I tell them that as I froth a perfect semi-perfect latte for them.

I fell in love. My heart melts as I write this. Some things are just out of your control. I feel like everything in my life has finally led me to the man of my dreams. Yeah, blah, blah, blah- if you’re even still reading. I’ve told a few of my friends that I finally understand what truly loving someone really means. And not like just loving your parents and siblings, that’s different. I honestly used to think that “falling in love” meant that you had someone tag along long enough that the only option left was to “love” them. I finally get it, and can’t wait to see what lies before us.

I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I didn’t get to send out my letter this year, you know I am a broke college student. Here’s your digital edition. Love much!

august update.


Yay, yay, yay!!!

I’m slowly but surely calculating missed miles for the last couple months. This past month I was able tally up a whooping 70.93 miles by riding my bike to the gym and running some on the treadmill. I’m so excited to get some numbers written down.

My current Texas dilemma: I get lost practically everywhere I go. Bringing me to near tears. Today, it took me nearly an hour to find my destination only about 7 miles from my house. I will partially blame my GPS for not having the location on the map. But, my 7th sense of direction is non-existent. I need to work on that. I spend way too much time lost in my car in my “hometown”.

Tomorrow I begin my Anatomy & Physiology class. I know, it’s Saturday. Guess that’s one “perk” of taking classes at a community college. There are classes literally everyday of the week. But, why take a class on Saturday, you ask. 1) It should limit me staying up late on Fridays knowing I have to take care of business 2) Having class once a week to get it out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible.

This class has already slightly stressed me out. First, the bookstore told me the wrong book, which has been on backorder for weeks. Not only that, the two books, you read that right, BOOKS, I actually need are $300 together at the bookstore. And… to add more to the stress, my professor has assigned chapters to read before class. Can a sista get her book, please? After battling with the bookstore about the books I needed, which they only had three left in stock, I’ve been trying to cram in chapters while working on a refund for the book I didn’t need.


I now realized I should have spent more time finishing my summer reading list, because don’t think I’ll have much time to read for fun, per say.

But, summer time is officially over for me, time to get down to biznazz.

August miles: 70.93 miles

bucket list

Glad to be back on track. Three weeks until my first marathon, and finally my Achilles is starting to feel a whole lot better. It’s pretty miserable sitting on the sidelines after putting in so much preparation. Reminded me a little of my senior year of collegiate soccer. I spent the entire summer getting into the best shape (until now) of my life, and right before my first scrimmage, I pulled my hamstring. But, I’m slowly learning that REST does a body good as well.

Achhhhooooo!!! Okay, so my leg is feeling better, but Friday morning came the wrath of allergy attack. I could barely even hold my eyes open. Although, I’m feeling better today, I just feel exhausted after my run. Not getting enough oxygen, I’m sure. I slept through my training run yesterday promising myself to get up and go today on my own. This was a little daunting for me to attempt, since the most I’ve ever run on my own has probably only been about 7 or 8 miles. I told myself, I won’t be “running with” anyone during my race, so better get prepared now.

I set of towards a lake near my house. It’s a 2 mile run to a wildlife trail and from there about 1/2 mile to the lake. So, it was the perfect distance for my 12 miler today. Actually, it’s almost 13 miles, but I walked the last mile 🙂 It’s nice to run through the nature trail. Of course, I’m a big scaredy-cat! Although, I love observing nature from afar or the zoo, or the Discovery Channel, I don’t like them being in reaching distances from me. I just don’t know how I would explain a weekend goose attack or hawk pecking. The course brought my down a small portion of Route 66- The Mother Road. Something is really cool to me about being able to run down Rt. 66. I dunno. It’s such a big part of American History and transit system. A piece of it lies within running distances from my house!!! “Oklahoma City looks oh so pretty!” Had to throw in a Route 66 lyric (My older followers aka Dad, will appreciate that.)

Week 13 & 14
Week 13:
April 2- 8.00 mile bike
April 7- 5.65 mile run

Week 13 mileage total: 13.65 miles

Week 14:
April 9- 3.00 mile run
April 10- 6.25 mile run
April 12- 12.90 mile bike
April 13- 1.00 mile run (warm-up, I’m making up for lost time)
April 14- 12.01 mile run

Week 14 mileage total: 35.16 miles


Also, on my run today I overheard a cyclist mention that running a marathon is on his bucket list as they zoomed passed me on their bikes. Good thing, I seem to have impeccable hearing, because my sight is failing me daily. It got me thinking. Maybe, just maybe, I should create a bucket list. I surely don’t think I would consider running a marathon as a bucket list item, because to me it seems like anyone to could do it if they just tried. Maybe, I’m just becoming one of those people. You know? One of those people that have set my mind to accomplish something, so I volunteer as the over peppy cheerleader for everyone else. So, here’s a rough draft of some things on my bucket list.

– Compete in a 1/2 Ironman distance triathlon
– Own and operate a successful business
– Go to Disney World
– See all 50 States (been to several states growing up, but never really took it in)
– Hike up a mountain
– See and swim near a waterfall
– Run to another city and back
– Learn and master a new fitness routine
– Travel all of Route 66
– Re-learn French and have a conversation with someone
– Stay in a hostel (At least once. My friend does this all the time, and she’s still alive)
– Travel to a different city and just go with the flow. (I freak out without an itinerary)
– Go to Hawaii
– Go back to school and study something I love
– Own my home
– Compete in 5 Cowtown marathons or half-marathons to complete my Texas star

This is just the beginning.

What are some things on your bucket list? What are some things you’ve already crossed off your list?

spring has sprung

Enjoyed a weekend of fantastic weather and fellowship with family and friends. Caught up with a dear high school friend, Hollie, and her little family on Saturday. Who would have ever imagined two Texas girls who have fallen into the grasp of Oklahoma’s arms?

Started the weekend off with a Saturday morning run with my training group. I was so eager to return to my training after my week’s hiatus of running. So, I had 12 miles on the menu. Woke up and started my morning with a hot coffee and fresh scrambled eggs. I guess I am going to have to start getting used to the warmer days ahead. Even after the thunderstorm that had passed through the night before, Saturday morning welcomed us with a springy 60 degrees.

My run started off UH-MAZ-ING. I was just thrilled to be back on my running game. I even got to break in my new shoes. My Achilles was feeling great for the first 2 miles, and then it started to hurt- the same type of pain I was having a week ago. I said and prayer, and kept running. It didn’t give me any more problems during the remainder of my run, but I made sure to stop at every water stop just to rest it a bit. I finished my 12.25 mile run, and headed to the gym.

Saturday was an upper body at the gym. I have officially completed 1 unassisted pull-up! To complete a pull-up has been a goal of mine for years running, but never took the time to put in the work for it. After weeks and weeks of pull-up negatives, weighted pull-ups, assisted pull-ups, wide grip pull-up, narrow grip pull-ups, and any pull-up under the sun you can think of, I FINALLY can complete 1 pull-up on my own.

OH Press- Look a those biceps :)

OH Press- Look those shoulders and back 🙂

I will also be interviewed on NPR this week on Zobra Paster’s, On Your Health. I will let you all know when it airs.

Since I spent most of the week resting my leg, I did mostly lifting and resting this week. Plan on making a call to the doctor tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.

Week 12-

March 30- 12.25 mile run

Week 12 mileage total- 12.25 mile run

March total mileage: 84.81 miles

in training

Whew! So, much has gone on this month. Ran my first 25K, last weekend I ran in the Strides of March Half Marathon, and clocked my first official half marathon PR. 1:57:01. Every second counts. I have to brag on myself a little, because I mean that’s why I have a blog. But, I ran this race without using my watch. As I began to “locate satellites” at the starting line, I got the alert every runner hates to see before a race. “Low battery.” At the point, I could do one of two things, 1) I could start my watch and be completely bummed and thrown off on my pace when it dies, or 2) just run. I opted just to Forrest Gump it, and I’m so glad that I did. I will NOT be doing that in the big race, but for the case of a small, local, half marathon, it worked out wonderfully.

I also received my “IN TRAINING” shirt, and couldn’t open the package fast enough to wear it. One and only rule for wearing your OKC Marathon training shirt: Train smart while wearing it!

In saying this, I will be taking one week off of my running program. I am starting to have some tendinitis in my Achilles, and think that means I should take it easy for a little. Your body doesn’t get strong while you’re working out anyway. Your muscles and body strengthen during times of REST. This is really hard for me to do, but I’m confident I will be alright. I’ve already gotten a 20-miler under my feet, so I think taking a week to rest and focus on my nutrition will do this body good.

Week 9, 10 & 11 mileage:
Week 9-
March 5- 7.25 mile run
March 6- 3.60 mile run
March 7- 2.00 mile bike; 0.50 mile swim
March 10- 20.30 mile run

Week 9 total mileage: 33.65 miles

Week 10-
March 12- 3.00 mile run
March 14- 3.00 mile run
March 16- 3.26 mile run
March 17- 13.10 mile run

Week 10 total mileage: 22.36 miles

Week 11-
March 19- 5.00 mile run
March 20- 4.00 mile run
March 21- 7.55 mile bike

Week 11 total mileage: 16.55 miles

During this week off, I will finally post some new recipes. 🙂 Get ready!

what’s in a name?

Wow!!! I’m still on a high from yesterday. Three huge accomplishments I could have never imagined. I want to narrow it down to just one thing to explain my results, but I seriously think there are several things that contributed to this perfect storm:

1) No Sugar, No Grains
– Although I go through a few spurts of weakness (The entire month of February) I have done a good job of maintaining a no excessive sugar and grain eating regimen. I feel energized, have less joint pain, and less muscle fatigue after hard workouts. I feel great, I look great, and I’m seeing results in the gym and on my runs.

2) Started Weight-Lifting
– After my collegiate soccer career, I’ve never been a fan of the weight room. Not that I didn’t know how to lift. It was more like, I didn’t know why. I was handed workouts and never had an understanding of what muscles I was building and how it enhanced my performance. Therefore, lifting weights just became another chore. Now, after some encouragement from my boyfriend, we began lifting together this year. I’ve actually begun to love it. Understanding muscle strength helps with all daily muscle functions including running, makes lifting that much more fun.

3) Finding a Supportive Community
– Not everyone is going to understand or enjoy the fact that I run, especially the fact I run a long ways for a long time. Some people don’t know the difference between a marathon and a 5k, and that’s alright. I don’t need to bog everyone down with my running knowledge or everything mile I’ve run over the weekend (that’s what my blog is for). If they want to know, they’ll ask. Other than that, I’ve learned to surround myself with a community of people that don’t think it’s crazy that I’m running when it’s below freezing or windy. People that really want to know and care will be supportive because it makes me happy.

My new pre-race ritual:
1 egg cooked in butter
1 cup of coffee

Packed my new FuelBelt with a HammerGel, a mini Larabar, water, Nuun drink, and salt tablet water.


I’ve had three songs stuck in my head the last few days, and since I don’t run with an iPod, I decided I should probably listen to them so I could drown out any bad thoughts that would come into my head later during my run. I had just enough time to listen to these on the way to the race.

Drake “Started From the Bottom”
Made me think of the start of my running journey three years ago. I was training for my first 5k. Crazy.

Justin Timberlake “Suit & Tie”
Why not? Everyone loves JT!!

Aloe Blacc “Green Light”
Modern day Bill Withers. You got it. This song just makes you wanna have a great day in general. Nothing can stop me!

The run started off cold. Really, really cold. I convinced myself my face was going to be damaged from frostbite about 2 miles in, and I was okay with it. Crazy self-talk, I know.

I had a really great race. I literally couldn’t feel my feet because it was so cold, but that almost made it even easier to run. If I can’t feel them, they don’t hurt. At about mile 4, I got called a name by another runner. He called me graceful. It was more like, “Dang girl, you run so dang graceful.” I laughed and told him, “I’m glad I look graceful, because I don’t feel it.” I always joked about naming one of my children Grace when I do have kids, because that is something I’m not. In fact, the gracefullness wore off today, because I tripped and fell backwards into my boyfriend’s trash can.

At about mile 6 I tore open my HammerGel and began “trickling sugar”. For those who don’t know. Trickling sugar is just a method of consuming small amounts of sugar during an endurance exercise to help fuel you. I just consumed about 1/2 teaspoon full. My one gel lasted me my enitre race. I tried to “trickle sugar” every 1 1/2 to 2 miles.

I hit the 12.5k mark at 1:08, which I was definitely thrilled to see that. I knew from there, it was the final descend. Not really having much of a time goal in mind from the get-go, once I saw this, I just wanted to loop back in about the same amount of time.

Between mile 10 and 11, a man started to pass me on my left. Normally, I would speed up making it difficult for him to pass. But, I had to remind myself to run my race. Don’t get distracted and throw off my race. As the gentleman passed me, he complimented me on my racing swag. I chose to wear all purple with my bright pink FuelBelt and kicks. I jokingly said something along the lines of, “I knew I was running 15-miles today, so I thought I should look good.” He replied, “You’re stylish, and you’re running 15-miles which makes you a badass.” I laughed. These men obviously don’t know me, but I’ll take the charming remarks.

As I closed in towards to mile 12, I started paying more attention to my watch. I had been running about an 8:30 minute/mile the majority of this race. When my time was below 2 hours when approaching the half-marathon distance, I knew I was about to set a PR. Not just that, but a sub 2 hours half-marathon. I made sure to keep a steady pace. I set a half-marathon of 1:55. I couldn’t believe it. This trumps my last half-marathon by more than 20 minutes. That’s just unheard of. I ran OKC in 2:19 last April, and Route 66 in 2:12 in November 2011.

The last 2-miles were my toughest. I think the giddiness of setting my PR had worn off, and I realized I still had a little ways to go. At mile 14, my form really started to dissipate, and I was just moving my legs just to be finished. I was able to bust out a few wind sprints to bring it on home. My official time, get this, 2:18:59. Seconds really mean everything. I literally ran this faster than my last half-marathon, which makes me laugh a little.

After grabbing a snack, I headed over to the results area, where I waited for a crowd of men to stop ooo-ing and ah-ing over their times, which they can’t change now. I decided to trust my sub-par vision, as I squinted between the few people in front of me. I saw my name, and drew eyes left on the results page. “3/4 Krystal Wright.” What a great feeling! I feel bad to the Crystal that finished seconds behind me. Okay, not really.

Note to self and everyone who cares: I don’t care who you are, there is absolutely no exception to the rule: Don’t wear new gear on race day. Don’t kid yourself, no one is the exception. Holy chaffing.

Rachel and I – Great support and cheerleader for me throughout my run.

Ran my first 25k, placed 3rd in my age group, placed 1st in my race series, and set a new PR for my half-marathon, 1:55. What a great weekend.


This definitely deserved some quality R&R out in Okie country with the boyfriend. Thunder Up!


February miles:

February 20- 5.19 mile run
February 21- 3.20 mile run
February 25- 3.10 mile run
February 26- 5.05 mile run
February 28- 5.20 mile run

February total mileage: 93.85 miles

March miles:
March 2- 15.50 mile run
March 3- 3.50 mile run

Week 8 total mileage: 32.35 miles