it’s all good.

Who ever came up with that phase? Better yet, who decided to change this phrase to “it’s all gravy”. What does that even mean? Are we referring to brown gravy or country style gravy? I prefer the gravy my mom used to make which had little pieces of fried chicken batter scatter throughout it. Mmmm, gravy. Who is the victor in this gravy war anyway? I prefer brown gravy, if you are asking my opinion, but gravy smothered anything is pretty good.

Have you ever found yourself back into a wall? I have. Hence my absence from MWA for a few days. Without going into too much detail and being, well how should I say this, tastefully, in spite of the circumstances.

Recently, I posted this:its all goodLess than 24 hours later, I never knew my world was going to be rocked more than I could ever expect. 

A wise person once told me that, “doubts mean NO!” In this last year I felt confident about many plans had set before me this year. But, there was ONLY ONE speed hump in this journey which made me have doubts. And this hump finally reared its ugly head on Friday.

Isn’t it astonishing how one portion of your life can make you feel like everything in your life is spiraling out of control. Turns out, that’s not how life works. Although portions in life may not be exactly where I want them to be right now many, if not all, other aspects are. 

After shedding a tears, erupting with anger and confusion, I’m finally able to consider this a blessing. 

How do I know it’s a blessing? Blessings are followed by peace. 

It’s all good.

❤ Krystal


Hey there friends!

I have an exciting announcement for you!!!

But, first, let’s take a selfie!


Can you see my excitement?

I have been chosen as a #FoamFanatics Ambassador!

What exactly does that mean?! Watch below!

As a Foam Fanatic, I have the opportunity to participate in a 5K Foam Fest! I also get the opportunity to earn prizes when friends use my discount code (FF5672) to register for a race. Along with that, this unique code gets YOU $5 off your race registration!!! How awesome is that? Tell yo kids, tell yo wife, tell yo husbands, too!

I will also be participating in the 5K Foam Fest this fall in Dallas!!! Not in Dallas? 5K Foam Fest is taking place all over the globe click here to see when the next one is near you.

Hope to see you in DALLAS!

fueling better.

Today, I ran. My muscles are sore and my body was telling me “no.” I didn’t run hard. I didn’t run far, but I ran.
2353-FuelYourBetter-Stamina-800x800 (1)

I lost vision of the goals that I had this year with my running hiatus. I still plan on competing in the TWU Sprint Tri this summer, so therefore, I ran.

Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has not only provided with me a community of encouraging and inspiring women, who have helped me regain my focus, but sweating pink sometimes means trying out awesome products to tell you all about.


Vega Sport is an affordable plant-based nutritional supplement unlike any other on the market.


My issue lately has been finding the “energy” to get out the door, and that’s where Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer comes to save the day.

I’ve been using Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer before heading out on my runs. I mix a packet of pre workout with 8-12 ounces of water depending on the amount of “punch” I need. And lately, I’ve needed a lot of punch!

I had the best results consuming Vega Sport Pre Workout 15-20 minutes before my run.

Vega Sport takes a few seconds to really dissolve in my water, but once well dissolved, this pre workout goes down smooth without the artificial fruity flavor found in most pre workouts on the market.

This taste is not as sweet as other pre workouts I’ve used in the past. I enjoyed not having an overwhelming sugar taste in my mouth before a workout. Also, Vega Sport Pre Workout didn’t leave me with the “tingly” feeling. Which was a relief!


Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer really helped me get energized and helped with my endurance.

With my return to running, also brings the return of the fuel belt. PS_10f0755f-75f5-4d1a-ba1c-bd52859b5ba6

No better way to fuel better all around.


❤ Krystal

reasons for seasons.


Who even says that? But, golly! Year has been a crazy ride. Between school and work and life and studying and friends and Josh and all that good stuff in between, I have been so disconnected from MWA. I’m sorry, so so sorry.

WP_000046 2014 AIDS Walk

Pity party starting riiiiiiggggggghhhhhhtttttt NOW:

I’m so tired!

I feel like my body and mind are being neglected. Can’t remember the last time I’ve stepped in a gym, drank enough water in a day, took 10 minutes to just breathe, or had a day where I didn’t feel rushed doing everything.

Spread thin? Maybe.

I’ve felt guilty. Yes, very guilty. I haven’t talked about working out, because honestly, I haven’t had time to. I’m finally getting a taste of my own “you have to make time to workout” medicine. Anyone have any advice on how to make more time when some of your days begin at 3:30 am and end at 10:00 pm? I use to judge people so harshly when they said they didn’t have time, and I’m finally finding out, some people don’t. But, for me, I know it won’t be like this forever. But, I’m about ready for this part of the season to be over. I feel like most of my 2014 are out of reach and made with good intention.


On a few brighter, less dramatic notes-

1) I’m going to MMMEEXXIIICCOOO! Whoop! My friend is getting married!
2) As of today, I have been voted Fundraising Officer for the Student Dietetics Organization.
3) I’ve been chosen to review some VegaSports products on MWA in the month of May. Stay tuned.
4) We planted a garden. 🙂


I miss you all, and can’t wait to share more about what’s going on.

❤ Krystal

lets see how far i’ve come…

2013 has been a year of continuous growth for me. I’ve been through a lot of uphill battles and downhill slides this year, but continue to stand in awe of what has come to past this year. I’ve learned some new things, developed relationships, rekindled old friendships, moved on from unhealthy ones, ran a little, cried a little, forgave a lot, asked for even more forgiveness, and here I am.

When I created my 2013 goal list when started this blog last January, I had already set in mind things I knew for certain would be accomplished. Some things kind of fell to the wayside, but I will roll them over for 2014. For 2014, I will try to make my goals more measurable so that I can accomplish them to the best of my ability. In no way am I writing EVERY SINGLE ONE of my goals on this list. Some goals should be kept personal or shared on more of an intimate level. But, to the goals that I would like community accountability, I will share on MWA.

Twenty-Thirteen Goals:
Give time and money to those who need it more (I am almost embarrassed to have this as a goal, and even more embarrassed to consider checking this off. For me, I feel like I have been blessed with so much, and even in my times of struggle, I still have more than I need. I’ve had opportunities to give this year, and I think that God is continuing to test me in this area in my life each and every day. One valuable thing I learned this year: Some people spell the word “love,” T-I-M-E. Just spending time with someone can be a reflection of how much you care. So, for 2014, I will continue to show my love through time.)

Be more understanding (This is an understatement. For 2013, I tried to do a better job at relating more with people instead of expecting people to think and act like me. I’ve tried to take more time to listen than respond. If we’re honest with ourselves, there is something to learn from everyone.)

Stop jumping to conclusions about things (Still working on this)

Move closer towards professional goals (Back to school, back to school. Although challenging at times, especially after sitting through  my first semester of A&P, I have to continue  reminding myself it’s temporary and to stay strong. It’s going to be so worth it in the end.)  

Move closer to home (See, I told you! Some things had been decided before even writing my 2013 goals. In November of 2012, I had approached a few friends and family members about my thoughts of moving back to Texas. At the time, it was really nothing more than that. I began searching for jobs only to become discouraged that I would be moving back only to find another desk job to hate. Then, one day while listening to The Rich Roll podcast, I began jotting down notes on nutrition and several schools offering nutrition courses. I felt like I couldn’t write fast enough. And there you have it folks -the beginning of my journey into the world of dietetics.)

Read at least 12 non-fiction books (So, do my textbooks count? Can I count half-read books as a whole book? Needs improvement.)

Read my Bible or start (and finish) a Bible reading plan (Needs improvement.)

Volunteer (Check.)

Schedule (at least) one date night a month (Discovered that dates are actually enjoyable when 1) The date likes you back 2) The date pays. Okay, okay. I look forward to dates with Josh. He always makes me smile and truly cares (or does a fabulous job pretending.) He’s the best!!!! You’ll hear lots about him in 2014.)

Have lunch or dinner plans with good friends once a month (Sometimes I take friendships for granted, and sometimes I’m just lazy. It’s too easy to be tired from work and only want to curl up in a ball and sleep. But, scheduling, in advance, a date on the calendar gives me fellowship to look forward to after a long week. I thank God for the friendships that I have in my life. At the end of the day, when everything could go wrong, I have an amazing support system and I wouldn’t replace that for the world. People are built for relationship, and I need to not take that for granted.)

Colorado (Check.)
Austin, Texas (Check.)
Las Vegas – GTC conference in April (Nope.)
Puerto Rico – Arbonne incentive trip in October (Nope.)
Missouri (Nope.)
North Carolina (Nope.)
Pennsylvania (Nope.)

Pay down debt (tackle student loan) (Work in progress.)

Hit Goal Weight (Once I started to get closer to my “goal” weight, I realized I didn’t really like how my body was looking. I was so stuck on being a certain weight, I didn’t really factor in anything else. This year, as I continue to work on my fitness, I will experiment again with how I want to look and feel.)

Run/Swim/Bike 2013 miles this year (Drum roll please, 572.47 miles. It’s not 2013 miles. It felt like 2013 miles. This  is a rough estimate because I wasn’t very organized in recording my distances. I wrote them down on anything I had available at the time, and some miles (not many) weren’t recorded. In saying all this, I could have ran, swam, and biked the distance from OKC to DFW 3.71 times in 2013. That’s pretty cool.)

Train and complete a 1/2 Ironman distances triathlon (Sidelined this summer due to knee injury. Although, I think this will in the future, it won’t be in 2014.)

NSNG (Been off track for the majority of the year, especially after I moved and started school, time to incorporate this again)

Remember to take my vitamins (It’s clearly a miracle that I can somehow get a 30-supply of vitamins to last over 6 months. Does anyone has suggestions of remembering to take vitamins?)

Get enough sleep and drink enough water (There we go with measurable goals again. Also, the irony that it’s after midnight as I type this.)

No fast food in 2013 (Is anyone else still laughing about this? I’m human. I guess, I think I’m not sometimes.)

Here’s to 2014!!! New Goals here!