flexible fitness

Week 3&4 mileage totals:

January 22- 5.03 mile run
January 24- 3.00 mile run
January 26- 12.00 mile run
January 27- 3.00 mile including hills
January 29- 4.65 mile run
January 30- 3.25 mile run
January 31- 3.21 mile run

January total mileage: 126.06 miles

Fell a tad behind on my mile updates in the last week. Mostly because my computer has been on the fritz so most of my updating has been on my phone and iPad. Most people find that to be a breeze, but those electronics are so touchy and sometimes I fat-finger keys and mess the whole thing up.

So, in the last week, I have been extremely busy with training. I joined my boyfriend’s gym, and he has been helping me with strength training. Which I have thoroughly enjoyed. So much so, I bought lifting shoes and gloves. Who knew they created shoes just for the sole purpose of lifting?!? Decided to add weightlifting three times a week to my training but will start to gauge how I’m feeling to determine if I should cut-back or keep pushing forward. I’m terrified of over training. Currently, my program consist of running 4-5 days a week, a yoga/Pilates day, and a rest day.

Some other exciting news this week!!! I got new shoes! Proud owner of Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes. They are a part of the Brooks PureProject line. Lightweight, flexible, and flashy! These babies are bright pink! I am still “breaking them in” but for the most part I have enjoyed my runs in them.

run happy.brooks purecadence

run happy.
brooks purecadence


65 degrees.

Wow. It has been an amazing week. This weekend has been one of the warmest that I can remember in awhile. Which is pretty awesome. A little taste of Spring in the middle of winter.

This week I caught the couponing bug. Although I may not be all that great at it, I was inspired by the audiobook, “How to Shop For Free.” Tons of great ideas, but seriously turns into another job. Spent probably about 4 hours cutting and sorting coupons this week, and while I did save tons of money without buying things I didn’t need. It was a chore. The cashier at the grocery store was even excited for me, even stating, “it’s always nice when you save more than you spend.” I saved 64% at the grocery store! My haul included diced and crushed tomatoes, chicken, pork sausage, paper towels, and Cheerios (actually made 45 cents for buying the cereal). All for $17.73. Saving $28.59. I was pretty proud of myself. But, it was a lot of work. We’ll see how long I’m willing to keep it up. Since I was in my “I can get anything at a good price mood,” I stopped at Panera Bread to claim my free smoothie with my rewards card. I knew better. It was way too sweet and sugary. Ended up giving it to the boyfriend.

I finished out today with a nice threshold run at the lake. It was so nice to see people out and about, even if it’s just for the day. Since it has been pretty cold during the week, I usually do my running on the treadmill, and suck it up on the weekends when I’m not walking distance from my gym. When I do my threshold running on the treadmill, I usually write it down on a Post-it note or index card to carry with me. Today, I got a little creative. Or maybe I just became a normal runner.


Where do you write down your workouts when training outside? Or do you have a better memory than me?

I write it down because I’m more likely to do it. If it’s just in my head, I’ll start negotiating terms with myself. Come on, I’m human!

January 15- 3.00 mile run
January 16- 4.65 mile run
January 17- 1.30 mile run
January 19- 10.02 mile run
January 20- 5.01 mile run

Week 3 total mileage- 23.98 miles

Have a fantastic week!

**Please keep my little brother in your thoughts and prayers.**


Wow, it’s been such an awesome NSNG and training week. I also paid off my car on Friday. If that doesn’t give me motivation to take on the year, I don’t know what will.

Recently, I have fallen in like love with The Angriest Trainer podcast. So much so I tweet Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino on a regular basis. Vinnie preaches a no sugar, no grain (NSNG) lifestyle. I started living NSNG in the beginning in November of 2012, and after two weeks I was down 12 pounds! 12 whole pounds. Mind you, I wasn’t even working out, except for yoga (nap time) on Fridays. With the holidays lurking around the corner, I haven’t maintained the total 12 pounds down, but I am still under my initial weight, hoping to get down to my goal weight by Spring. Before you freak out!!! I do understand that true health is not reflected on a scale. But, for me and my training and competition goals this year, being down to my goal weight will enhance my performance and also lessen some joint issues I’ve had since blowing out my knee a few years back. I love how Vinnie says, “It’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s; it’s what you eat between New Year’s and Christmas.” That definitely breathes a breath of fresh air my direction. Helping me to realize that we’re all perfectly unperfected with fears, insecurities, and personal battles to overcome. Whether it be physical or not, we’re in this together. My choices I make today determine my tomorrow. I’m gradually accepting the fact that most of my weight loss is going to depend on my food choices. (This is hard because big girl loves her cupcakes and Milk Duds.)

January ’13



I started off this week extremely tired. I didn’t get in from Texas until early Monday morning. I managed to get some miles in on Monday, but Tuesday was a different story. I decided to take a rest day promising that I would finish out the week strong. My new training plan includes threshold running. Unsure of what that really meant, I found a few online sources, and decided to go with the one I could remember. Threshold running is timed running a little bit slower than a 10k pace. One source said the pace of your threshold run should be “comfortably hard.” If that makes any sense. I was actually not looking forward to this day in training: 1) I hate treadmills 2) I suck at pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

After warming up for 10 minutes, the first of my 4-minute threshold sets began. I bumped my treadmill up the 7 mph for 4 minutes. Between each set was a 90-second comfortable effort jog. I finished the first set and thought “that wasn’t too bad, only three sets to go.” I increased my speed a few notches for each set (do not know quite what my 10k pace is) ending my last set at a speed of 7.5 mph. The last part of this workout was a 10 minute cool down. I’m usually the person that gets to the cool down and I’m ready to ditch the scene. Cool down to me always meant, “I know you’re tired but you’re not finished yet, mwahahaha!” But, finally realizing it’s in the workout for a reason, I did my 10-minute cool down.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early for my 8-mile run with the OKC Landrunners. I haven’t run with this group since early summer, and was excited to be meeting my friend, Andrew, out yesterday morning to run. One thing I sincerely cherish about OKC is the friendliest of the people you meet. You honestly never meet a stranger. We started our run at Nichols Hills Plaza and headed towards Lake Hefner. About 3-miles in, I found myself turning into the runner I was always despised/hated running with. I have NEVER been able to run and talk at the same time. I mean NEVER. I’m usually the runner that lets out a grunt in between my breaths and sometimes I don’t respond to the chatty runner in hopes they will just stop talking. Well, I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the excitement or chill in the air or maybe the stars aligned just right, but I was that runner. Thanks Andrew for bearing with me. Guys don’t seem to be as chatty. We treated ourselves to Starbucks and socializing after our run. Desmond Mason even made a guest appearance. Maybe, next time I’ll get a picture to include on MWA.

January 7- 1 mile run, 5 mile bike
January 8- Rest
January 9- 4 mile run
January 10- 4.85 mile run
January 11- 11.52 mile bike
January 12- 8 mile run
January 13- 4.52 mile run

Week 2 mileage total: 38.89 miles

Can’t wait to see what next week brings.

my story

“No one likes hearing stories about things you didn’t do”

This week I have really been challenged to live a story I want to tell. I have been challenged to portray this in my professional, personal, and spiritual life.

Professional: Am I being challenged in my role? Am I happy? What do I want to do? What can I do?

Right now, I am living the “American Dream,” which makes it scary to make big decision because of the uncertainty of the future. I know the people that love and care about me want me to be happy, but sometimes believing that truth is a hard reality to swallow.

Personal: Am I being fulfilled in my relationships? Am I taking care of my health and well-being? Am I growing intellectually? Am I doing this for me?

Recently, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings about my relationships with friends and family. I’ve really been digging deep about the significance of each of my relationships. What are they bringing to the table and what am I bringing in return? Are they balanced? Are they healthy?

This year, I really want to strive even more to take care of myself. Mind and body. If my whole world is out of control, at least I can take care of myself physically and emotionally.

Spiritual: ???

I feel like this is an aspect in my life that will always be maturing. I need to develop spiritual habits that for true and natural for me. I feel like the majority of my life, I have always tried to fit my spiritually in a box. The more and more I grow, I realize that there will never be a box big enough to contain this.
Today, I started a new training program. Currently, I have my eye on two triathlons later this year. One is in July and the other is in September- TWU Power Sprint and the Oklahoma City Redman. In the past, I have “trained” for my races, but only enough to finish the race. I really want to push myself to finish with all I have in me. I have completed enough races just to get a medal, but I think I have enough experience and miles under my feet to take it one step further.


My training plan is a marathon training plan, which will lead up to the OKC Memorial Marathon in April, although, currently I have no plans of running it. I think this plan will help me be more than prepared to tackle the marathon, if I decide to. I like the combination of interval training and cross-training in this plan. This gives me days to swim and cycle.

Week 2 miles:

January 7: 1 mile run, 5 mile bike
January 9: 4 mile run

Finally, I’m over the fatigue of my weekend at home, so time to get to work.

Dad says, “Hi.”


welcome to texas

Well, it was great to be back in the Great State of Texas for an extended weekend.

I had way too much sugar during my stay. I know, I know. Barely one week in and already busted the NSNG gig. It was difficult to say no to the toast with the fluffy eggs, it was difficult to say no the the leftover Halloween candy at my best friend’s house, and how can I resist the chocolate cookies?

I am regretting every last sugar/grain molecule that has entered my body just about now. I always know it makes me feel like garbage, so I don’t understand why I do this to myself.

Since I’m back in OKC, it will be a lot easier to get back on track. Even though my food choices weren’t always the best over the last few days, I did manage to get in some miles on the bike at the Trinity Trails in Ft. Worth.

January Miles:

January 1- 6.02 miles run

January 2- 3.00 miles run

January 4- 20.03 miles bike

Week 1 total mileage: 29.05 miles

I was also introduced to this place called My Fit Foods in Southlake, TX. The basic concept of this place is that they have fresh, prepared meals, and you can shop for your healthy meals for the week. Since I primarily lean towards NSNG, the only thing that really appealed to me in the store was the My Fit Cocktail. It’s a mixture of unsweetened cranberry juice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, ACV, and B12. Made with ingredients that rehydrate the body and restore pH balance. The cashier recommended the blueberry flavored B12. Since berries are low on the glycemic index, I decided to give it a whirl. This drink can be made as a sipper or a shooter. I’m excited to try it tomorrow. I feel like I’m gonna need it. I’ll let you know if the My Fit Cocktail works.