when i think about 6 months.

How do you describe half a year of marriage?

In a lot of ways, we’ve had it pretty easy. Our first 6 months of marriage consisted of long distance, only this time 97 miles compared to 8,142 miles.

Whatever the case, distance is distance, and has made our hearts grow fonder.

When we met in 2011, I didn’t think I was meeting my husband. At the age of 24, there was so much to still learn about life and about love.

When we decided to go our separate ways in 2013, it was different. It never felt permanent. We needed time to figure things out about ourselves and our place in this world.

When we reconnected in 2016, it felt like,

“this is the way it’s supposed to be!”

On November 2nd, you asked me to be your wife.

On a sunny December afternoon, our families witnessed us exchange vows.

When people say they married their best friend, I can’t quite get behind that narrative. I have a best friend and I think I have more in common with my best friend than with you.

I married you, because we are better together. Heart and mind, baby. You get me. You make me laugh and I KNOW I make you laugh. I trust you with my deepest thoughts, concerns, successes, and failures. I know you will always provide the listening ear. You’re my cheerleader and sometimes my coach. You know, I need that… a lot of that.

You’ve been there for me when both my grandfather’s passed away. You’ve been my support through my brother’s diagnosis. You’ve been my reason when life has gotten overwhelming and at times gets bleak. You’ve encouraged me to move on from a career that was no longer fulfilling. You inspire me to

“do what I have to do, to be what I want to be.”

We’ve still got forever to go!

I love you, Mat! Happy 6 months!

❤ Krystal