contact me.

If you want to contact me while I am away in Namibia please feel free to send me a letter or cookie butter to:

Krystal Wright
PO Box 17035
Namibia 9000

Some of you may ask, “what do I need or want?” Here’s a list of some useful items I would love to get:

– Personal sealed letters open when I’m having a bad day. Maybe even labeled, “Open when you’re having a bad day, etc.”
– Photos of you and your family (if I know you)
– Thumb drive with good books, music, or movies (or share Spotify playlists, completely FREE)
– Crystal Light
– Hard candies such as Jolly Ranchers, Air Heads, Starbursts, etc.
– Small trinkets like stickers, bracelets etc., to share with kids

FYI: Also, when declaring items and cost of items in the package, underestimate on cost as much as you can (You can’t really on food items). But, put what I would consider “garage sale” prices. This is so I won’t have to pay to much in duty/taxes when it arrives.

I will love and appreciate anything and thank you all in advance. I promise I will write back.