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Week 3&4 mileage totals:

January 22- 5.03 mile run
January 24- 3.00 mile run
January 26- 12.00 mile run
January 27- 3.00 mile including hills
January 29- 4.65 mile run
January 30- 3.25 mile run
January 31- 3.21 mile run

January total mileage: 126.06 miles

Fell a tad behind on my mile updates in the last week. Mostly because my computer has been on the fritz so most of my updating has been on my phone and iPad. Most people find that to be a breeze, but those electronics are so touchy and sometimes I fat-finger keys and mess the whole thing up.

So, in the last week, I have been extremely busy with training. I joined my boyfriend’s gym, and he has been helping me with strength training. Which I have thoroughly enjoyed. So much so, I bought lifting shoes and gloves. Who knew they created shoes just for the sole purpose of lifting?!? Decided to add weightlifting three times a week to my training but will start to gauge how I’m feeling to determine if I should cut-back or keep pushing forward. I’m terrified of over training. Currently, my program consist of running 4-5 days a week, a yoga/Pilates day, and a rest day.

Some other exciting news this week!!! I got new shoes! Proud owner of Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes. They are a part of the Brooks PureProject line. Lightweight, flexible, and flashy! These babies are bright pink! I am still “breaking them in” but for the most part I have enjoyed my runs in them.

run happy.brooks purecadence

run happy.
brooks purecadence