ok, ok. the secret’s out.

I’ve always wanted to be a model. Enough so, that in middle school I begged my parents to cop out an exuberant amount of moolah to send me to Barbizon. Should have known something was a little whack with them. Barbizon, “Where you can train to be a model, or just look like one.” Seriously. I got these cool pictures though.

Pleather pants, Britney Spears schoolgirl skirt, and performance fleece. Middle school style at its finest.

So, flash forward 12 years, and I still haven’t become a model (yet). But, I decided to take some fun shots when I did pictures for my Christmas letter last year. Just in case. I can start building a portfolio. Oddly enough, there is a model call today at a local agency, but I’m deciding to sit here, blog, and eat my sweet potato and fried egg breakfast. Don’t judge. A girl has gotta eat. But, really I had some other things come up, and the timing is not right for today. But, I will keep my eyes and ears open for the future.

Still amazed how this one turned out.

Still amazed how this one turned out.

One of my favorites.

One of my favorites.

Dress $6 - eBay. Wouldn't pay a penny more than that.

Dress $6 – eBay. Wouldn’t pay a penny more.

Kudos to Rachel Pirraglia Photography

a year in review.

Finally, I did it. I started a blog. I have been telling myself for some time now that I really wanted to start a blog, but the fact that I don’t always feel interesting enough for people to want to read about has always steered me away. As I made a list of my goals for 2013, starting a blog made the cut (once again). So, without further delay. Here goes it.

I will begin with my Christmas letter of 2012. I think that’s a good place to start. Giving you all a little background of what you’re getting yourselves into.

So, I’ve always wanted to send out Christmas letters, but I really don’t do things that are all that “letter worthy”. Especially not anything to send out during the holiday season. My idea of Christmas letters were always more of the “let-me-tell-you-all-the-cool-stuff-I-did-this-year-so-you-can-be-jealous” letters. I really, really, wanted to avoid that. So, I decided to do something a little different and fun. I wanted to include as many friends in my letter as possible to make it more of a letter of things I have done with people I love, and not just a “look at me”. I hope you like it.