you’re not boring, you’re bored. is that right?

Recently, I heard a fellow blogger mention that they have nothing to write about anymore, so they quit blogging. I’m sure many bloggers or writers, for that matter, fall into the whole writer’s block dilemma at some point or another. A lot of the time I have so many things to write about, but it’s difficult to put my words into posts that are concise and to the point. I ramble. I’d admit that proudly.

I love reading blogs. I’m sorry, but even if you are the most boring person in the world, you are interesting (to someone). I say this while knowing there are dozens of YouTube channels dedicated to watching people play video games. Let that soak in. You can type in “people playing video games” and watch, for hours, if you can tolerate, someone playing a video game. Why? I don’t know why. But, you can. To me, that is boring. But, someone else is willing to sit there and watch. I won’t even get into the Vlogger (Mom, that means video + blogger) that plays with kids toys, that’s just creepy.

My point is, you’re not boring. Just write, I mean it you want to. Write about your husband (to remind me not to get one, I kid) or about your dogs (to remind me not to get one). Write about a new recipe you nailed or failed. Write about your interaction with a stranger or how you learned to take awesome pictures without a photographer. See!


Write about how to organize your dresser. Believe me, I would read that, and that’s one of the reasons my socks are folded like little sushi rolls, and they seem to be happy now.

And then there was Priscilla, from one of my favorite blogs, Priscilla Loves to Run. Because dang it, she really does love to run. She’s definitely not boring (yeah, I need to work on my blog titles). She loves to run and swim and bike to point that, like me, she pushes past limits and no matter what a doctor says sometimes, she does what shes loves to do. But, that’s besides that point.

Priscilla and I have an interesting connection. She graduated from the same DTR program in Texas that I am currently enrolled in. We were both in the Student Dietetic Organization (at different times) and have had most of the same classmates and instructors. I literally just missed formally meeting Priscilla by a semester. It wasn’t until recently we both kept seeing each others names on Fit Approach sites and #Sweatpink that we realized how small our worlds really are. How crazy is that? Priscilla is an ace. For her recent birthday, her only request was for everyone to do a random act of kindness in her honor. How awesome is that? 

So, besides the plug for you to check out >>> Priscilla Loves to Run <<<, Priscilla has also challenged me and a few other pink sweating ladies, because everyone knows ladies only sweat pink and sometimes glitter along with left over Bath & Body Works body mist, to join in on #1MillionMInutes.

“The whole Sweat Pink community is coming together to achieve one million minutes of activity this summer! As always, our goal is to inspire and encourage everyone to get moving so help us in getting your friends, family, co-workers, and everyone in between working with us this summer to achieve one million minutes of movement!”


So, all my wonderful readers I challenge you to join in. Send me your minutes. Our goal is one million minutes of moving your body. From anything to Zumba to Crossfit to running to lifting. I need you (well, your minutes)! Message me, tweet me, any way you can reach me. We are running this until August 21, so you gots time, but don’t wait until the end. That, my friend, would be brutal.

❤ Krystal

friendly fort worth.

One of the “selling points” for me returning to Fort Worth has always been the Trinity Trail. I love that there are ALWAYS people out riding, running, and walking out on the Trail. I remember riding my bike out on the trail one chilly January morning before moving back home. I was almost in tears of the beauty, life, and peacefulness of being on the Trail.

Fast forward a year later, and my efforts of making the Trail a ritual have been below average. I’m slightly embarrassed.

Today, I decided to embark on a 3-mile run.

Since returning from my Mexican vacation, I have been fighting a nasty infection that had me down with a fever and chills. A shot, potent antibiotic, and lots of water and naps later, I’m finally beginning to feel a little better.

So, while I’ve been away crying and moaning about been tired, sick, busy, and lazy. Here’s what I’ve been missing:

Exhibit A: Trailhead. Obviously, I’ve been hiding under a rock of self-pity. This is the coolest spot, EVER. Proceed to Exhibit B.


Exhibit B: Free classes. EVERY SATURDAY. Okay, free? I bet it’s lame. Take a looksy at Exhibit C.


Exhibit C: HIIT, group rides, Barre, etc. Is this real life?


We know where I will be on Saturday!! I may drag some of my friends with me as well.

While I was hiding under my rock, I missed all the native Texas wildflowers blooming. Simply gorg.


I even received a complement from a guy riding a B-Cycle on my color choice.


I love Fort Worth!

❤ Krystal

fit approach.


Most of you know by now that I am a blogging machine. Not only that, but I am super passionate about my blog, and the community of runners, mommies, health nuts, and entrepreneurs I have connected with through Moving Wright Along. This has definitely been a journey I would have never imagined. Last month I was accepted was selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador through Fit Approach. Ever since then, opportunities have knocked and have been continuing to knock at my door. I want to thank you all for the love, support, and encouragement you have given me throughout this journey. I could not have done this without you.

Today, my post about my transformation is featured on Check it out!

everything i need.

I’m constantly reminded that God has given me everything I need to accomplish great things. It’s just the matter of putting my faith into action. Which is sometimes a very scary thing to do. Other than that, this has been a great week of small reminders knowing this is true.

I feel like everyone in my social network knows this by now, but I have been selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.

sweat pink swag.

sweat pink swag.

Now what does that mean? It means that I have the privilege of joining an online community of health and fitness nutty women just like me to get people active in our communities. We connect primarily through social media but can also link up with other SPA locally and nationally. This opportunity has already began to open some amazing doors for me, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

The last few weeks have been filled with love from family and friends. I was able to go home and celebrate the weddings of three very special couples in my life. They were all very beautiful weddings and I wish all of them the best.

megan+oliver's wedding

megan+oliver’s wedding

ashley+chris' wedding

ashley+chris’ wedding

brittney+william's wedding

brittney+william’s wedding

If you haven’t already, please take the time and download a free app to your smartphone. It’s the YouVersion Bible app. You can take the Bible on-the-go on any smartphone or tablet. You can pick reading plans to begin, choose from several versions and over 300 languages. It’s pretty cool. I have been doing the Soul Detox Plan in collaboration with my 28-Day Arbonne Detox. Ch-ch-check it out! Go to to get started.