you owe it to yourself.

As I sat around all morning building up the energy and motivation to get out a conquer the world, I realized something I’ve been forgetting lately. Like most people, I’m pulled in several directions filling multiple roles throughout the week as a daughter, a student, an employee, a friend, a girlfriend, and a sister. Sometimes I forget through all the plans and schedules that I owe it to myself to be Krystal.

I would not trade any of these roles for the world, but I need to remind myself not to let the world pass me by without taking time to appreciate the moments.

I had today off of work, so I decided to finally get out of bed for some “me” time. I’ve been finishing up a devotional called “What is Love?” Quite  opposite of what you’d expect, I’ve come to the portion no one likes to talk about: enemies & hate. I get it, I get it. Love your enemies. I’ll love my enemies, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like them. This is a battle for me, one that actually came up this past weekend.

My high school hosted an alumni soccer game on Saturday. It was such a wonderful time to get together with former teammates to reminisce on high school soccer days. We laughed about days gone by and celebrated where we are all at today. Throughout the several topics of conversation, certain name was mentioned and my blood began to boil, as a lava off hatred erupted from my vocal chords. (Sorry, people, I’m being real.) Where did that even come from? But, seriously how can you love an enemy you don’t even like?

So today, after reading that devotional, I realized this: I owe it to myself…

1) To forgive. They always say, forgiveness isn’t for them, it’s for you.

2) To live. Appreciate moments and don’t let the world pass you by.

By no means is this a complete list, but the beginning of things to remember on a daily basis. Both of these thoughts are freeing. Oh-so-freeing!

What do you owe yourself to do?

Oh, I ran today too!!!