throwback thursday: Day 24 & 27- Just takes a little push.

Originally posted March 21, 2011—

Day 24-
I feel like my days are beginning to revole around my running schedule. Which is really not a bad thing. Thursday was one of the hottest days by far this year, and I headed to the Bluff Creek Trails just north of Lake Hefner for my two-mile run. I like this trail as well, because it is a nature trail. The first time Rachel and I ran at this location we saw three deer run across the trail right in front of us. (Although I don’t think Rachel was as excited as I was.) Because of the warmer weather, I made sure to run in the center of the paved trail. I didn’t want to encounter any snakes. But, I did manage to squeal at every single stick and/or twig that closely resembled a squiggly serpent. Since this is only a one-mile course, I squealed at every stick and/or twig my second trip around as well. Finished my run dripping in sweat and without any snake bites.

Day 27-
After an awesome service at this morning, I headed to Eldon Lyon Park. Today’s mission: three-point-five miles. Whew. I don’t know if it’s running for distance or running for time that intimidates me more, but whatever it is, I was certainly up for the challenge. After wasting way too much time trying to fixing my iPod, I gave up and decided I would just have to sing to myself. I am starting to realize that singing to myself while running is just like listening to a pop radio station. I sing the same songs over and over, but one feature that my iPod and the radio doesn’t offer- I usually only sing the chorus and I stay on repeat.

The first half to 3/4 mile is when I start to get my legs going. I do love that this course has hills, so while running downhill I can just relax and let the hill do all the work. The first mile and a half was a breeze. It probably wasn’t until just after two miles that I started to have a little doubts. I mean I wasn’t in pain or tired. I just wanted to Forrest Gump it and just stop. When I made it to about two and a half miles, I simply prayed to myself, “Lord, push me further than I would push myself.”

The last few weeks, I began to realize that I sometimes just settle for being mediocre or just doing what is expected, and not going beyond that. I am making an attempt to change that. Not just in my training, but in my personal and professional life as well. Sometimes it just takes a little push, and today I think that is just was I needed. Needless to say, I finished my run and recovered in no time.

Only three weeks until my first 10K at the Redbud Classic.

in training

Whew! So, much has gone on this month. Ran my first 25K, last weekend I ran in the Strides of March Half Marathon, and clocked my first official half marathon PR. 1:57:01. Every second counts. I have to brag on myself a little, because I mean that’s why I have a blog. But, I ran this race without using my watch. As I began to “locate satellites” at the starting line, I got the alert every runner hates to see before a race. “Low battery.” At the point, I could do one of two things, 1) I could start my watch and be completely bummed and thrown off on my pace when it dies, or 2) just run. I opted just to Forrest Gump it, and I’m so glad that I did. I will NOT be doing that in the big race, but for the case of a small, local, half marathon, it worked out wonderfully.

I also received my “IN TRAINING” shirt, and couldn’t open the package fast enough to wear it. One and only rule for wearing your OKC Marathon training shirt: Train smart while wearing it!

In saying this, I will be taking one week off of my running program. I am starting to have some tendinitis in my Achilles, and think that means I should take it easy for a little. Your body doesn’t get strong while you’re working out anyway. Your muscles and body strengthen during times of REST. This is really hard for me to do, but I’m confident I will be alright. I’ve already gotten a 20-miler under my feet, so I think taking a week to rest and focus on my nutrition will do this body good.

Week 9, 10 & 11 mileage:
Week 9-
March 5- 7.25 mile run
March 6- 3.60 mile run
March 7- 2.00 mile bike; 0.50 mile swim
March 10- 20.30 mile run

Week 9 total mileage: 33.65 miles

Week 10-
March 12- 3.00 mile run
March 14- 3.00 mile run
March 16- 3.26 mile run
March 17- 13.10 mile run

Week 10 total mileage: 22.36 miles

Week 11-
March 19- 5.00 mile run
March 20- 4.00 mile run
March 21- 7.55 mile bike

Week 11 total mileage: 16.55 miles

During this week off, I will finally post some new recipes. 🙂 Get ready!