While I was in the process of updating my blog about my life in Namibia, I received horrible news about yet another mass shooting in the US.

My heart is heavy. My stomach is in knots.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around the terrible event that took place in Orlando but when irrational things like this occur there never seems to be an answer.

At least not immediately.

Today, prior to the news I felt an overwhelming sense of being a proud American. Proud to serve my country in a way some only dream of as a US Peace Corps volunteer. As the news broke, my American proud turned into a dark cloud of embarrassment, grief, and anger. This is not America. Not again.

My heart hurts because I feel helpless in Namibia.

My heart hurts because I don’t understand how someone can take away a life as if it doesn’t matter.

My heart hurts because I have LGBTQ friends.

My heart hurts because no one deserves to die in a nightclub.

My heart hurts because it could have been my friends.

My heart hurts because someone lost their friend.

I’m so tired of this hate.

Tonight, as I head to bed with tear-filled eyes, I just want to hug my friends back home. People no different than you or I. Friends with feelings and emotions much like mine. Friends who are afraid to grab dinner and go dancing to celebrate the end of weekend.

No matter your religion, color, sex, or sexual orientation. NO ONE SHOULD BE AFRAID TO LIVE.

Hug your friends and family tight.

To my friends back home and my new PC family, I love you and I’ve got your back. 

♡ Krystal