moving right along.

To be honest, I’ve had no motivation or reason to write.

This last year I had my heartbroken. Really. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I felt like everything in my world was in perfect alignment. I mean bluebirds and rainbows followed me everywhere I went and out of nowhere the storm clouds rolled in.

I still to this day find myself coping and sometimes still in the midst of grieving.

Why has this all happened to me? Why now? Why ever?

I feel wronged. I feel abandoned. I’m hurt. I’m human.

How did everything go so, so wrong?

People grieve in so many ways. I’m guilty of grieving by preoccupying my time. Like all of my time. I run myself to the ground. I stay up late, wake up early. Busy myself with plans or busy myself with no plans. I’ve lost track of times I’ve driven around town until my gas tank was on E just to be doing something. Preoccupying my time to me is a way for me to avoid my true feelings and emotions.

As humans, I think we all look for ways to have connections and be connected to people. To me, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think problems arise when we become so connected to another person that we become disconnected with our own selves.

Yet another defining moment in my life.

In the spirit of my blog name, I’m moving right along.

Moving right along to reconnect with things that I love and fulfill me. Moving right along to things that bring me enjoyment and challenge me. Moving right along to things that change me, for the better.

I’m back, ya’ll.