bucket list

Glad to be back on track. Three weeks until my first marathon, and finally my Achilles is starting to feel a whole lot better. It’s pretty miserable sitting on the sidelines after putting in so much preparation. Reminded me a little of my senior year of collegiate soccer. I spent the entire summer getting into the best shape (until now) of my life, and right before my first scrimmage, I pulled my hamstring. But, I’m slowly learning that REST does a body good as well.

Achhhhooooo!!! Okay, so my leg is feeling better, but Friday morning came the wrath of allergy attack. I could barely even hold my eyes open. Although, I’m feeling better today, I just feel exhausted after my run. Not getting enough oxygen, I’m sure. I slept through my training run yesterday promising myself to get up and go today on my own. This was a little daunting for me to attempt, since the most I’ve ever run on my own has probably only been about 7 or 8 miles. I told myself, I won’t be “running with” anyone during my race, so better get prepared now.

I set of towards a lake near my house. It’s a 2 mile run to a wildlife trail and from there about 1/2 mile to the lake. So, it was the perfect distance for my 12 miler today. Actually, it’s almost 13 miles, but I walked the last mile 🙂 It’s nice to run through the nature trail. Of course, I’m a big scaredy-cat! Although, I love observing nature from afar or the zoo, or the Discovery Channel, I don’t like them being in reaching distances from me. I just don’t know how I would explain a weekend goose attack or hawk pecking. The course brought my down a small portion of Route 66- The Mother Road. Something is really cool to me about being able to run down Rt. 66. I dunno. It’s such a big part of American History and transit system. A piece of it lies within running distances from my house!!! “Oklahoma City looks oh so pretty!” Had to throw in a Route 66 lyric (My older followers aka Dad, will appreciate that.)

Week 13 & 14
Week 13:
April 2- 8.00 mile bike
April 7- 5.65 mile run

Week 13 mileage total: 13.65 miles

Week 14:
April 9- 3.00 mile run
April 10- 6.25 mile run
April 12- 12.90 mile bike
April 13- 1.00 mile run (warm-up, I’m making up for lost time)
April 14- 12.01 mile run

Week 14 mileage total: 35.16 miles


Also, on my run today I overheard a cyclist mention that running a marathon is on his bucket list as they zoomed passed me on their bikes. Good thing, I seem to have impeccable hearing, because my sight is failing me daily. It got me thinking. Maybe, just maybe, I should create a bucket list. I surely don’t think I would consider running a marathon as a bucket list item, because to me it seems like anyone to could do it if they just tried. Maybe, I’m just becoming one of those people. You know? One of those people that have set my mind to accomplish something, so I volunteer as the over peppy cheerleader for everyone else. So, here’s a rough draft of some things on my bucket list.

– Compete in a 1/2 Ironman distance triathlon
– Own and operate a successful business
– Go to Disney World
– See all 50 States (been to several states growing up, but never really took it in)
– Hike up a mountain
– See and swim near a waterfall
– Run to another city and back
– Learn and master a new fitness routine
– Travel all of Route 66
– Re-learn French and have a conversation with someone
– Stay in a hostel (At least once. My friend does this all the time, and she’s still alive)
– Travel to a different city and just go with the flow. (I freak out without an itinerary)
– Go to Hawaii
– Go back to school and study something I love
– Own my home
– Compete in 5 Cowtown marathons or half-marathons to complete my Texas star

This is just the beginning.

What are some things on your bucket list? What are some things you’ve already crossed off your list?

in training

Whew! So, much has gone on this month. Ran my first 25K, last weekend I ran in the Strides of March Half Marathon, and clocked my first official half marathon PR. 1:57:01. Every second counts. I have to brag on myself a little, because I mean that’s why I have a blog. But, I ran this race without using my watch. As I began to “locate satellites” at the starting line, I got the alert every runner hates to see before a race. “Low battery.” At the point, I could do one of two things, 1) I could start my watch and be completely bummed and thrown off on my pace when it dies, or 2) just run. I opted just to Forrest Gump it, and I’m so glad that I did. I will NOT be doing that in the big race, but for the case of a small, local, half marathon, it worked out wonderfully.

I also received my “IN TRAINING” shirt, and couldn’t open the package fast enough to wear it. One and only rule for wearing your OKC Marathon training shirt: Train smart while wearing it!

In saying this, I will be taking one week off of my running program. I am starting to have some tendinitis in my Achilles, and think that means I should take it easy for a little. Your body doesn’t get strong while you’re working out anyway. Your muscles and body strengthen during times of REST. This is really hard for me to do, but I’m confident I will be alright. I’ve already gotten a 20-miler under my feet, so I think taking a week to rest and focus on my nutrition will do this body good.

Week 9, 10 & 11 mileage:
Week 9-
March 5- 7.25 mile run
March 6- 3.60 mile run
March 7- 2.00 mile bike; 0.50 mile swim
March 10- 20.30 mile run

Week 9 total mileage: 33.65 miles

Week 10-
March 12- 3.00 mile run
March 14- 3.00 mile run
March 16- 3.26 mile run
March 17- 13.10 mile run

Week 10 total mileage: 22.36 miles

Week 11-
March 19- 5.00 mile run
March 20- 4.00 mile run
March 21- 7.55 mile bike

Week 11 total mileage: 16.55 miles

During this week off, I will finally post some new recipes. 🙂 Get ready!