friendly fort worth.

One of the “selling points” for me returning to Fort Worth has always been the Trinity Trail. I love that there are ALWAYS people out riding, running, and walking out on the Trail. I remember riding my bike out on the trail one chilly January morning before moving back home. I was almost in tears of the beauty, life, and peacefulness of being on the Trail.

Fast forward a year later, and my efforts of making the Trail a ritual have been below average. I’m slightly embarrassed.

Today, I decided to embark on a 3-mile run.

Since returning from my Mexican vacation, I have been fighting a nasty infection that had me down with a fever and chills. A shot, potent antibiotic, and lots of water and naps later, I’m finally beginning to feel a little better.

So, while I’ve been away crying and moaning about been tired, sick, busy, and lazy. Here’s what I’ve been missing:

Exhibit A: Trailhead. Obviously, I’ve been hiding under a rock of self-pity. This is the coolest spot, EVER. Proceed to Exhibit B.


Exhibit B: Free classes. EVERY SATURDAY. Okay, free? I bet it’s lame. Take a looksy at Exhibit C.


Exhibit C: HIIT, group rides, Barre, etc. Is this real life?


We know where I will be on Saturday!! I may drag some of my friends with me as well.

While I was hiding under my rock, I missed all the native Texas wildflowers blooming. Simply gorg.


I even received a complement from a guy riding a B-Cycle on my color choice.


I love Fort Worth!

❤ Krystal

welcome to texas

Well, it was great to be back in the Great State of Texas for an extended weekend.

I had way too much sugar during my stay. I know, I know. Barely one week in and already busted the NSNG gig. It was difficult to say no to the toast with the fluffy eggs, it was difficult to say no the the leftover Halloween candy at my best friend’s house, and how can I resist the chocolate cookies?

I am regretting every last sugar/grain molecule that has entered my body just about now. I always know it makes me feel like garbage, so I don’t understand why I do this to myself.

Since I’m back in OKC, it will be a lot easier to get back on track. Even though my food choices weren’t always the best over the last few days, I did manage to get in some miles on the bike at the Trinity Trails in Ft. Worth.

January Miles:

January 1- 6.02 miles run

January 2- 3.00 miles run

January 4- 20.03 miles bike

Week 1 total mileage: 29.05 miles

I was also introduced to this place called My Fit Foods in Southlake, TX. The basic concept of this place is that they have fresh, prepared meals, and you can shop for your healthy meals for the week. Since I primarily lean towards NSNG, the only thing that really appealed to me in the store was the My Fit Cocktail. It’s a mixture of unsweetened cranberry juice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, ACV, and B12. Made with ingredients that rehydrate the body and restore pH balance. The cashier recommended the blueberry flavored B12. Since berries are low on the glycemic index, I decided to give it a whirl. This drink can be made as a sipper or a shooter. I’m excited to try it tomorrow. I feel like I’m gonna need it. I’ll let you know if the My Fit Cocktail works.